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Case and versatile stand that facilitates the construction of devices based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In addition, in the proposal we have also gadgets FORBOT-and, the purchase of which supports the creation of subsequent courses, electronics and programming.

FORBOT: electronics and robotics for each

FORBOT is one of the most famous portals popularyzujących electronics, robotics and programming. You can find fascinating articles, and blogs describing the latest technology and a broad base of knowledge useful in all areas of science as well as a directory of popular companies that implement services from related sectors. The site also features a forum through which users can help themselves in solving problems and to build collaborative community. FORBOT is famous for courses that allow you to study the principles of electricity and basic operation of electronic equipment and gain knowledge related to the appointment of the individual components, creating their own designs or ready programming robots and other devices.

Sets and courses FORBOT

If You are interested in using the courses FORBOT, be sure to consult the appropriate category in our store. There you will find a wide selection of sets skompletowanych thinking about the end of the material in individual courses is not only will need to complete the necessary equipment, but you also get the opportunity to buy all necessary products in a very attractive price.

Accessories and gadgets FORBOT

Accessories and gadgets FORBOT is a great offer for fans of this portal, like all electronics lovers. Available in this product category can be used as add-on kits for courses FORBOT, and use them individually. It's also a good idea for the creative, enjoyable and practical gift that you can give a gift to a loved a person is interested in electronics, robotics or programming. All the accessories and gadgets that are available in this section has been carefully designed and made with great attention to detail, so you can be sure that they will serve You long and well.

What accessories FORBOT we offer?

Among the accessories FORBOT available on our website you will find, among others, the case for plate materials used in the process of implementation of course – Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 4B. Thanks to the housing miniature computers will be much less affected by contamination or mechanical damage, and also looked aesthetically pleasing. We also offer mats for tile contact and miniature computers that allow you to stabilize the whole construction and make it easier to access individual elements during operation. In our assortment you will find washers made of wood and plexiglass.

What gadgets FORBOT you will find in this section?

Gadgets FORBOT-this is a great offer for fans of this popular blog, or students using available on the course website. In our store you will find a variety of useful little things with the logo FORBOT, which are not only aesthetic but also practical. A great gift idea for a loved one or addition to your home collection of tableware is, for example, a stylish, black-and-blue mug with a volume of 370 ml. You will find here a well-made bottle opener with the ability to mount to a keychain, and a handy mouse pad that will facilitate your work on the computer. We invite you to explore our range of gadgets and accessories FORBOT, as well as with the rest of the range presented in other categories of Botland store.