USB connectors

The USB connector is still the most popular and versatile connector multi-tasking, which are used worldwide. Assortment that uses this technology can be found in mobile phones, computers, laptops, cameras and mobile data carriers. In our store you will find all kinds of USB connectors, which may be necessary in Your projects or during the repair of electronic equipment.


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Products by page

Products by page

Select the USB connectors of high quality and get effective data transmission

Did you know that the speed of data transmission, is connected with the quality of the components used? The better materials were used in accessories such as USB connector, then transfer files, or electrical impulses, will be smoother and more effective. In this category you will find the female plugs of all sizes, these include, in particular: MicroUSB, MiniUSB, USB 3.0 type A USB 3.0 type B, USB-A, USB-B.

Thanks to them wyposażycie minikomputer your Raspberry Pi or Arduino in additional features and modules. Remember that these compounds are infinitely many possibilities – just all to plan and to design in an accurate way. Functionality depends on Your experience and imagination, so it pays to look for solutions that will improve the quality of work and will help you to create more tools.

Your equipment is out of order? Don't need to just throw away

The computer stopped working with camera, keyboard or mouse (connected to USB)? The phone is not connected via usb with the device? Minikomputer does not interact with the rest of the system? This does not mean that you should get rid of it. Often quite easy to repair, thanks to which everything will return to normal. Replacement items such as the USB connector does not have to be complex enough to have basic knowledge about electronics and be able to use in practice a soldering iron. This is a great time to replace the little effective connector old style to new, which will offer a much better work.

As you can see, in this category you will find everything You need during a possible repair. We invite you to explore what we have prepared for You.