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Surely you have heard about Forbot courses (and if not, you'll love them)! Botland is the official distributor of sets for the most popular - in Poland and not only - Forbot electronics courses. Our offer includes sets of elements that allow you to learn electronics in practice. Thanks to the Forbot courses presented here, you will easily master the basics of Arduino programming and learn how to create projects in the field of programmable electronics. You will quickly learn to solder, connect mechanical parts, program and create applications for the phone. In this category, you can buy dedicated Forbot kits and sets that consist of various elements. Each kit comes with a dedicated online course. Thanks to this solution, literally everyone can get to know electronics in practice! We invite you to place orders!


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Sets of Forbot courses for everyone

Forbot is a well-known Polish website dedicated to electronics, robotics and programming. There you can find an interesting blog full of news from the world of modern technologies, a forum for contact with other technology enthusiasts and a catalog of trusted companies specializing in the described areas, as well as many other interesting proposals. However, what distinguishes the web portal is the creation, collection and dissemination of educational materials on programmable electronics.

Thanks to the gathered materials, it becomes possible to quickly learn the basics of electronics, robotics, automation and programming. Everyone is able to learn it, and already experienced students, engineers and programmers can effectively expand their knowledge and skills. What is more, in Forbot you will also find a robotics lexicon and many courses explaining the most important electronic issues step by step.

In this category, we present renowned sets of Forbot courses that allow you to learn about various theoretical issues and - most importantly - practical aspects related to the functioning of electronic devices. Programming and building robots will become easier if you study these courses!

Learn electronics and programming with a lot of fun!

Forbot kits were created to make life easier for users of this series of courses. Instead of assembling the necessary components, such as electronics, boards, wires, plugs and other elements, people who want to start learning electronics may decide to buy a ready set with the course. Each Forbot kit = an educational course with all the materials needed to complete it.

This approach allows you to avoid accidentally buying the wrong item, which is especially common with beginners (and therefore also the target group of the product). What is more, the learning materials have been organized in such a way as to make it as easy as possible for learners to acquire information and acquire skills. Of course, the price is an additional advantage - when you buy Forbot programming and electronics educational courses in the Botland store, you get the highest quality product at a low price!

What kind of skills you will gain with specialized sets of Forbot courses?

Forbot kits have been completed to suit the individual courses. All courses are user experience optimized to ensure the highest education efficiency. Thanks to the use of such teaching materials, you will have the opportunity to learn in practice and theory how programmable electronics works. Besides, you will be able not only to know, but to fully understand the way how some complicated physics laws work and why do they work! You will learn how electricity and electrical circuits work, learn how to operate various models of minicomputers and development boards (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi), build your first robot and gain practical skills in the field of electronics and DIY!

In this category, we offer Forbot kits and courses covering all the most important issues in the field of electronics and robotics. You can choose from courses designed for amateurs as well as educational materials for professionals. Here you will find Forbot courses that allow you to learn the basics of electronics, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to gain the most important knowledge and skills useful in later work or during hobby entertainment in a home workshop or at home!

Botland offers a wide range of courses with development plates in various variants and at many levels of advancement. Choose course options tailored to your needs, e.g. about learning to use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32 Nucleo or BBC micro: bit systems!