Sets and courses FORBOT

We are the official distributor of kits for most popular in Poland electronics course from FORBOT. In our assortment you can find a collection of items, which allow to study electronics in practice, mastering the basics of Arduino programming, training, soldering and more. Each set is associated with a special course on the Internet, through which anyone can learn electronics in practice.


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Sets and courses FORBOT

FORBOT is a portal dedicated to electronics, robotics and programming. There you can find an interesting blog, full of news from the world of modern technology, a forum to connect with other technology enthusiasts, and catalog of reliable companies that specialize in the described areas, as well as many other interesting offers. However, the most famous branch of activity on this site is the creation, collection and dissemination of educational materials through which you can learn the basics of electronics, robotics and programming, or the extension of their knowledge and their abilities. Available on the portal the lexicon of robotics, and a variety of courses that explain step by step the main issues electronic. Courses provide an understanding of various theoretical issues, and – most importantly – the practical aspects related to the functioning of electronic devices, programming them, or to build their own designs. On the blog there are courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Material for the study was arranged in such a way as to facilitate students learning and acquiring skills.

What sets FORBOT?

Sets FORBOT was created to further facilitate the life of users courses FORBOT. Instead of having to create the necessary products (electronic components, boards, wires and other elements) if you want to start learning electronics can choose to buy ready-made kit with the course and all materials necessary for its implementation. This option allows you to avoid accidental purchases of goods improperly (which can happen niedoświadczonej person), and also allows you to purchase all products at attractive price.

What skills will you acquire the kits?

Sets FORBOT was staffed to meet the different courses. Through use of these training materials, you will have the opportunity to explore the practice and theory of operation and application of the fundamental laws of physics, to learn how electricity works and electrical circuits, learn to handle different models of minicomputers and plate development, build your first robot or to gain practical skills in electronics and tinkering (as, for example, soldering).

What suggestions you will find in this category?

In this category we offer kits and courses FORBOT touching all the most important questions in the field of electronics and robotics. Here, among other things, courses allowing to learn the basics of electronics, thanks to which you will be able to get most necessary knowledge and skills in further work. We also offer a wide range of courses, with platters of development in different ways and at different stages of preparation from the available offers you can find, among other things, sets for learning of operation of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32 Nucleo or BBC micro:bit. In this section you will find a course of digital technology, a kit for teaching soldering or sets for inventors and designers. Available also need a workbench, signed FORBOT, which are the most useful accessories for soldering and other work, e. We invite you to browse our range of kits and courses FORBOT, as well as with other categories in our store you will find there, among other things, additional materials and accessories FORBOT, and a wide selection of other products from electronics, programming, tinkering, robotics, intelligent construction and many other industries.