Each of us has had to deal with pests at least one time in our lives. This is not a surprise, because for many thousands of years mankind has been accompanied by pests stealing food, spreading diseases and frightening pets. That's why electronic repellent come in handy. Above all, this device is completely harmless to animals, as it only emits the sounds of predators or ultrasounds. They all remain harmless to dogs and cats, acting only on the group of animals to which they refer, e.g. martens, birds and rodents. In addition, it is the most affordable and economic solution in the long run, because it’s a one-off investment that lasts a very long time. In our Botland store we have prepared a wide range of electronic repellents, which are divided according to the group of animals and other useful parameters. Check out our offer and see that you can say goodbye to a pest problem once and for all.


  • Odstraszacze zwierząt do samochodu Odstraszacze zwierząt do samochodu

    Small animals – such as cats or rodents cause the most positive associations. If, however, the presence of Pets in the house most of the people is very desirable, that in the case of vehicles, the emergence of the pristine "residents" usually means the beginning of serious...

  • Ultradźwiekowe odstraszacze zwierząt Ultradźwiekowe odstraszacze zwierząt

    In the twenty-first century, especially important was environmental consciousness. Because of this, they are looking for solutions that allow man and nature to act so maneuverable is the desire to be seen even in the cities in which close to human dwellings, home to many...

  • Odstraszacze myszy i szczurów Odstraszacze myszy i szczurów

    Rodents are among the pests most commonly found in the human environment. Perfectly adapted to life in basements, attics, garages, zsypach, for trash or household buildings. Small body size and high maneuverability allow them to penetrate even hard-to-reach areas, both urban...

  • Odstraszacze gołębi Odstraszacze gołębi

    Pigeons are one of the most popular birds found in urban space. Easy be tame, and very well adapted to living near humans. Unfortunately, their presence in many cases it can become very intense, both for owners of apartments and houses, and heads of various kind of objects. To...

  • Odstraszacze kun Odstraszacze kun

    Martens belong to the life in the wild mammals, which, however, do an excellent job in close proximity to the person. You can find them in rural areas as in cities, where they cause considerable damage in buildings and cars. Everyone who will notice their presence becomes a...

  • Odstraszacze wróbli Odstraszacze wróbli

    Sparrows were once among the most common birds in cities and villages. Currently the urban space is not for them so attractive a place to live, among other things, because of all częstszą existence better adapted for functioning in human proximity, aggressive species such as...

Most common pests and their activities

In our homes, gardens and fields we often host unwanted guests who can make our lives much more difficult. Most often they are rodents (rats, mice, minnows), birds (scythes, pigeons, starlings, crows, sparrows), moles or other small mammals like hedgehogs, hares and rabbits. Their visit can have severe consequences, such as the destruction of crops by eating them or the destruction of roots by creating earth corridors. Sometimes the pests can also enter our homes, causing more unpleasant situations. Animals can spoil our furniture, leave their droppings and even steal our food. On the other hand, birds very often peck the sown seeds and eat the crops. There is another, very serious threat: infection with zoonoses. This applies especially to rats, mice and pigeons, which carry microorganisms and parasites that can be a source of health problems that are difficult to cure. The list of damage that can be caused by pests is much longer, but all the most important reasons for equipping yourself with electronic repellents were listed.

How to scare off unwanted pests

In recent decades, poison and animal traps have been most popular. Nowadays, however, they are being abandoned due to the fact that they cause long and painful animal deaths. There are many new humane methods, e.g. safe traps, chemical repellents or the most effective electronic repellents. They do not harm the animals in any way, but keep them away from your property by emitting a series of sounds that deter a given group of pests. For rodents, ultrasounds are used, while for birds, sounds of predators are emitted. You don't have to do anything else because the animals simply stay away from your house, garden or car. The use of the safe traps is not as much convenient as they need to be regularly emptied away from home, and the animals are long in captivity, which also causes unnecessary suffering. Chemical repellents, on the other hand, can be very harmful if taken by a child. Electronic deterrents are a convenient and very simple solution that does not cause any danger.

What products can you find in this category

In our offer we have prepared a wide range of repellents for martens, rodents and birds. All products were made by the world-renowned Polish company Viano, which has long been a leader in this type of solutions. You can find repellents of different power supply and installation methods, dedicated for different species: mice, rats, martens, weasels, crows, pigeons and many other pests. As far as the power supply is concerned, you can find battery-operated devices, from the mains socket (230 V) and with the possibility of connecting to a car battery (12 V), as well as solar repellents, which have a small solar panel built in. The bird deterrents have a built-in motion sensor, which helps to save energy and can also be programmed according to a specific schedule. All products are made to withstand environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and sunlight. The dehumidifiers can also operate at variable frequencies so that pests do not become accustomed to one type of sound.