3D printer ATMAT

Printer, received from the Polish manufacturer ATMAT, are of high quality. A closed working chamber and a number of security doing that they find application in offices and in industrial plants.

Discover the possibilities of Signal Pro and Galaxy

ATMAT offers you four main lines of 3D printers with names referring to the space science. The smallest one - Signal Pro - combines top professional solutions with very high quality. Possibility to choose the size of the working area allows you to find the best device for your individual needs. This line of printers will be great for people who start their journey with rapid prototyping and for those who are already experienced with FDM technology. Double extruder printhead allows you to create objects in two colors or two different materials, including standard and water-dissolve supports. You can choose from a wide range of filaments from almost any producer available on the market. Choosing supporting material like PVA allows you to print your objects without the need of any additional mechanical post-production.

Galaxy is a great solution for the industry when you need bigger elements. Thanks to the possibility to use a wide range of different nozzle diameters you can print your models even faster. The Auto-calibrating working table will shorten maintenance time between subsequent operations. Big, colorful touchscreen guarantees intuitive and convenient usage. Wireless communication system lets you transfer your model files, control printing settings, and observe the status of operations from your computer station. A wide-angle lens camera installed in the working area, allows you to have a look at the printouts anytime. This is a great solution for i.e. printers plants, where you have to coordinate many printers at the same time.

Saturn and Jupiter

Another printer you can find in our store is Saturn device - smaller of ATMAT large model printer. This FDM printer offers you an even wider range of possibilities with its industrial-based solutions. Pre-installed safety systems are adapted for the requirements of large production plants. Saturn is commonly used in automotive, architectural, industrial and aviation industries. Thanks to Intelligent machine control systems, you can quickly react to problems that may occur due to random reasons. Even if you started printing a large model that proceed several days and a power failure showed up, you can easily resume your operation.

Moreover, offers you Jupiter - one of the largest industrial-class 3D printer in Europe with working area able to accommodate models up to 2 meters long. Its granite working bed with 4-zone heating system ensures proper adhesion between the created model and printer main platform. This is crucial for stability which affects accuracy, especially for large objects and production that takes several days. Thanks to build-in filament case with dehumidifying containers you can be sure that your ready-to-use materials will be free of moisture from the air, and will maintain their properties for a maximum time.