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The Botland store offer is increasingly used not only by individual users, but also companies, research institutions, and technology startups. We also equip schools and science clubs with our electronic products (check the subcategory above!). Therefore, at this point we decided to present what you need most in a situation where you want to create a place with consumer electronics. These are sets mainly for primary and secondary schools, but not only. Programming kits consist of elements for building Abilix (and other) robots that can be programmed in graphic, IT and text languages.

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Best sets of programming labs

Programming kits are becoming more and more popular. On the one hand, this results from greater interest, and on the other, from even greater possibilities of modern robotics. Nowadays you can do the work you want. This situation creates virtually limitless possibilities.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the sets of programming labs. The first step is to choose the right equipment for learning programming and robotics. The age, knowledge and capabilities of students should be taken into account. In addition, it is necessary to analyze what exactly is in the set and what functions the given programming set performs. Some programming sets will be perfect for children aged 6 - 12, others for teenagers, and yet others for virtually every enthusiast of programmable electronics and robotics!

There are sets that are more complicated and extended, as well as simpler ones. The choice therefore depends on who is to be a participant in science. In terms of what can be created from a given set, you can divide products into programmable robots, step-by-step assembly kits, as well as virtual educational solutions. The latter include programming courses on DVDs, but not only.

Abilix programming lab set – learn how to programme step by step!

Of the various products available in this category, Abilix programming kits deserve special attention. These are courses designed to learn programming in an effective and accessible way. A set of programming studio can be used as teaching aid in primary and secondary schools, as well as at universities. It may as well be a great match for a child. Depending on the specific product, the course may be for children of all ages. For example, the Abilix Krypton 4 v.2 course is for students around the age of 10. The set includes as many as 8 Abilix Krypton robots, 25 individual lesson plans for beginners and intermediate, and the necessary mats to perform practical tasks. Up to 16 people can use one set at a time. In this variant, one robot falls on two students. Of course, it all depends on the teaching methodology you choose. It is allowed to use the set for larger groups (e.g. in the proportion of 1 robot - 3 students). On the other hand, it can be a set for a smaller group of students.

The best solutions for programming labs and schools

The purchase of any of the programming kits available in this category will be an excellent choice for every laboratory and IT class!

As mentioned above, the sets include educational materials and robots for self-construction. Kits allow students to create a robot by themselves. Each Abilix robot consists of several hundred blocks that need to be combined. These products have been additionally equipped with two engines and several detection sensors. The sets also include controllers.

The great advantage of purchasing such a set is that it allows anyone to quickly learn the basics of programming. This is due to the way we learn - we teach programming through play. The individual programming languages ​​that can be learned through the purchase of the set include: Drag & Drop, Scratch and Flow-chart (programming language based on block diagrams and algorithms for intermediate users).

If you are looking for the best set for your institution, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you choose a product.