Modules, smart cameras

Category dedicated modules with cameras that use artificial intelligence for face recognition, shapes and objects. Modules of this type are often used when building robots, making that our work is able to recognize and analyze common objects and symbols.

Modules, smart cameras

Modules, smart camera is specially designed with built-in cameras and processors that will be able to interpret the data from the image algorithms of artificial intelligence. The recognition of persons, objects, shapes, colors and other elements of the environment are skills that can be very useful for many robots. Of the products ideal items that you can use to make your robot. The offer is also available ready mobile robots that use built-in module with the smart camera. Very practical can also be products which are designed and processed, so you can use their capabilities when connected to the popular tile Raspberry Pi.

How does it work?

Modules, smart cameras is actually a small camera (optical system) that look the highest image quality, allowing its interpretation. In addition to the camera module should have a logical element which will be responsible for the "smart part" of the device. Image analysis is carried out, respectively, implemented software, based its activities on the best processor. The camera can detect, for example, objects that register, and stores them in the database templates. The device can also recognize faces, objects, drawn shapes and many other elements of the environment, all in real time. Some of the devices are equipped with immediately in the appropriate patterns in the system, whereby to start operation of the module is not required in carrying out the process of machine learning.

Examples of application

Most of the proposed devices are designed so that the user of the box can immediately use them. This means that the equipment has relevant insights and connections – for example, there is a standard of communication, the UART, which provides a connection with such tiles as LattePanda, Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Purchased camera may also be used as part of a home automation system in Your home. Raspberry Pi is often used as a logic device that control the entire system. Another example of usage can be building your own mobile robot, humanoid or social. Robots, social, use of intelligent systems audiowizyjnych very often used to implement effective treatments with autistic children. Camera able to process images in real time so that, for example, may be facilitated, for example, the study of naming objects that you see in front of your "eyes."

What we offer in this category?

In offer we have this module is designed to explore writing programs and create projects, which use algorithms of artificial intelligence. Most of the products is accompanied by a detailed and intuitive instructions for the first run, and a set of model projects that a user can perform himself. One of the most important qualities is an open source software supplied from the manufacturer. This means that every person has the right to any change in the program so that it is better to check in the cooperating project. A very effective and popular also mobile robots with embedded intelligent cameras. One of them is a platform with four wheels, DC motors, rotary axis, the axis plate page display type OLED. The face is designed to work with minikomputerem Raspberry Pi (not included). The device is sold in the form of DIY projects – the user receives all the necessary components that enable it to build, for example, work racing PiRacer DonkeyCar.