Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence becomes a matter more and more popular issue. This is not surprising, because with artificial intelligence, we see a lot of popular websites uses advanced algorithms that, analyzing our preferences, we try to recommend content closer to our interests. Artificial intelligence is also household items, and a good example here intelligent assistants in our smartphones, as well as the fact that more and more cars in the bowl there are many intelligent systems. In this category you will find ready-made device that uses artificial intelligence, like components to create your own intelligent systems.


  • Machine learning modules Machine learning modules

    In this category you will find modules to build their own systems and devices samouczących through memorization of specific patterns, data analysis and tasks and their results. Machine learning allows to reduce the likelihood of errors in the process of working with our device.

  • AI camera modules AI camera modules

    Category dedicated modules with cameras that use artificial intelligence for face recognition, shapes and objects. Modules of this type are often used when building robots, making that our work is able to recognize and analyze common objects and symbols.

  • AI development boards AI development boards

    Category dedicated to ready the plates, which lets you create your own projects related to artificial intelligence. In this category you will find both new developments and tiles using the already known formats, e.g., formats, tile Arduino.