Artificial intelligence

Until some time ago, artificial intelligence was associated with science fiction novels and forecasting how the future might look like. But nowadays this topic is becoming more and more common, and artificial intelligence already accompanies each of us. It’s enough to just take a look at how algorithms affect the results of what we search on the web. Artificial Intelligence is still learning what we like and which elements are attracting our attention the longest. A.I is also with us in the form of assistants on the phones, answering our questions and following simple commands. What’s more, Artificial intelligence programs are more and more often used as an automatic correspondent on websites and company Facebook profiles. Artificial intelligence is entering our lives in more and more areas and dealing with more and more advanced devices. For example, they are becoming part of systems in cars and spacecrafts. If you're looking for elements to build your own system, or if you want to find a ready-made device that uses artificial intelligence, that's the category for you!


  • The machine learning modules The machine learning modules

    In this category you will find modules to build their own systems and devices samouczących through memorization of specific patterns, data analysis and tasks and their results. Machine learning allows to reduce the likelihood of errors in the process of working with our device.

  • Modules, smart cameras Modules, smart cameras

    Category dedicated modules with cameras that use artificial intelligence for face recognition, shapes and objects. Modules of this type are often used when building robots, making that our work is able to recognize and analyze common objects and symbols.

  • Outdoor development SI Outdoor development SI

    Category dedicated to ready the plates, which lets you create your own projects related to artificial intelligence. In this category you will find both new developments and tiles using the already known formats, e.g., formats, tile Arduino.

What is Articial Inteligence?

In popular culture, artificial intelligence has long been synonymous with autonomous robots which, in a dystopian version, would either destroy the human race or, in the humanist version, would relieve them from the exhausting tasks. While the latter futuristic idea is beginning to take shape in the form of autonomous cars, vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers, artificial intelligence has already largely invaded our lives. To put it in definition, artificial intelligence (AI) is the set of theories and techniques used to create machines capable of simulating human intelligence. It therefore corresponds to a set of concepts and technologies more than to a constituted autonomous discipline. Often classified in the cognitive sciences group, it calls upon computational neurobiology (particularly neural networks), mathematical logic (part of mathematics and philosophy) and computer science. A.I. is looking for methods of solving problems with high logical or algorithmic complexity. By extension, it designates in everyday language devices that imitate or replace human beings in certain actions or even professions.

Key features

Artificial intelligence is mainly used in the field of automation, robotics and electronics. It is thanks to A.I. that we can create software that allows us to automate machines, vehicles or network activities. In order to be able to experiment and program the equipment using A.I., it is worth choosing professional equipment from a trusted brand. Our offer includes components from DFRobot, which are specially selected processors and modules. Moreover, in order for devices operating on A.I. to work properly, they often need to be mobile. Therefore, it is usually not possible to connect the equipment to a permanent power supply. This is the reason why all components of a device should be composed in such a way that they do not consume too much power. That is why we have prepared for you products characterized by high energy efficiency and high computing power at the same time. Check our product list and see that you can find many things you need!

What do we offer?

No matter what kind of project you would like to implement, here in our offer you can find tools and elements that can help you build any A.I. based devices. This applies to both face and object recognition. By further developing such a device you can create an educational robot that can teach children the names of the objects. If you are looking for ready-made projects, you can choose mobile robots with intelligent cameras for self-assembly. You can also find machine learning modules that can serve as the main logical elements of the equipment. This processor can be similar to the standard one, but has a much better quality/price ratio. The models vary according to the functions you are looking for. You can extend them with the possibility of Wi-Fi connectivity with a place for an antenna or with an attached antenna. In the offer of the Botland store there are also development boards designed for devices based on A.I.. Check our products, which are always marked with an appropriate description, and you can surely find what you are looking for.