Accessories for temperature sensors

In the category “Accessories for temperature sensors” you will find the right accessories for temperature sensors, which are often used in particularly unfavourable conditions, for electronics. One of the main types of products that we offer are protective for temperature sensors. They are some of the options for the construction (to easily fit this model to the target sensor). They differ primarily by the setting of the total length. We also offer a practical set, consisting of a temperature sensor and, respectively, matched thereto resistors that provide the correct connection of the element, for example, for the microcontroller. In stock we also have a large selection of thermocouple amplifiers. The devices come from well-known manufacturers of electronics and are characterized by excellent parameters. Most of this equipment is a versatile amplifiers that work correctly with thermocouples type K, J, N, R, S, T, E and type B. Read the sentence Botland.


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Accessories for temperature sensors

We offer professional accessories for temperature sensors. In Botland store you will find high quality equipment that extends the capabilities of temperature sensors to protect them from damage.

What do we offer?

Cover for temperature sensors

Protective screens for temperature sensors, designed to simultaneously restrict the ability of the sensor and protect it from damage. To satisfy these criteria, the lattice are made of materials with high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. All shells that we offer are made of metal - stainless steel. Items available in sizes 6 x 30 mm 6 x 50 mm 6 x 60 mm. Each of them is compatible with temperature sensors DS18B20 on the appointment (in the case TO92). Caps not sold individually - buy one product comparable with buying a package of 10 pieces.

Ready set

In the proposal we have set to measure the temperature. The user receives the temperature sensor DS18B20, and resistors, on opornościach 4.7 k?. To use all the capabilities of the sensor requires the use of a microcontroller or other tool to read the data. The resistors allow you to properly connect your component logic, for example, using contact plates. The sensor was working properly, among other things, of minikomputerami such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The manufacturer provides a complete specification of the sensor and user manual for customers who have not purchased equipment. Correct the sensor supply voltage is 3 to 5.5 V, measurement range covers the range from -55°C to 125°C with accuracy of +/- 0.5°C) and provides the data resolution from 9 to 12 bits.


One of the popular products in this category is the thermostat (W1209) with the temperature probe. Being able to adjust the temperature in the range from -50°C to 110°C. the Device based on the measured values of temperature can control the device with maximum power not exceeding the value of 2300 W. the Correct power required current with a voltage equal to 12 V. the Product kit also includes a waterproof temperature probe with wire. The device has a segment display and 3 buttons that help you control the device or to enter sleep mode.

Amplifiers thermocouple

One of the main products in this category amplifiers thermocouple. Most of the products that we have this device is universal, which is unable to cope with thermocouple type K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R. the Sample unit comes from the manufacturer of the Grove. This module with built-in amplifier thermocouple MCP9600. Communication is done via I2C, and supply voltage is 3.3 V or 5 V. the Amplifier as, for example, call detection alerts the temperature is too high. A significant advantage of the equipment is very low power consumption. It is important as electronics is also an excellent adherence of the device to work together with the processor pads for Raspberry Pi or Arduino on the Board you will find practical Grove connector designed for such connections. Manufacturer before buying provides clients with a user manual of the device files from eagle (a program for designing printed circuit boards), documentation and library system MCP9600 (required for programming).