Sensors pirometryczne high temperature

Sensors pirometryczne high temperatures are used wherever measurement of the form would be inconvenient or dangerous. Analysis of infrared radiation transmitted through the body allows us to consider its temperature with high accuracy. This gives the sensor pirometryczne high temperatures are used in workshops, factories and industrial plants, for example, for temperature measurement of moving elements or multiple elements at the same time. In this category you will find a wide range of thermal sensors, high temperature and other, non-contact thermometers that use infrared for example, sensors, or imagers. We invite you to explore our range, presented in this section and other sentences in Botland.


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Sensors pirometryczne high temperature

Sensors pirometryczne high temperature used during the measurements in places where access is difficult or dangerous for the user and measuring devices. This type of sensor designed to measure temperature in the order of proximity, which is a very convenient solution, for example, in industrial plants, factories or workshops - often there are elements under high voltage or moving quickly, which should not be touched. Sensors pirometryczne base their activities on the reading values of infrared radiation emitted by a body the temperature of which is measured - parameters of waves of infrared radiation (as infrared, i.e. infrared) is then analyzed through the device reading heads, which allows to obtain information about the temperature of the radiation source. Pirometryczne sensors allow you to measure very high temperatures, even up to several hundred or several thousand degrees Celsius. Due to this they find application in industry and scientific research.

Other contactless thermometers

Infrared radiation is used and many other temperature sensors, also those which are not designed to measure very high temperatures. Infrared sensors are used, for example, in medical thermometers, designed for contactless temperature measurements in patients. By the same principle working well and the imagers, as well as some video surveillance equipment at the industrial enterprises.

Selection of the device for different applications

As in the case of other measuring instruments, the choice of sensors pirometrycznych high temperature and other sensors thermal, infra-red radiation, special attention should be paid to the measurement range and measurement accuracy. Depending on the model and application of the lower limit of the measuring range can be from -70°C to 0°C, and the upper between 80°C and 380°C. the measurement Accuracy of the sensors available in this category is in the range of ±0.1°C ±0.1°C. it is Worth remembering that this parameter depends on the application - more careful medical instruments and devices, and in the case of sensors designed to give the approximate result is sufficient, less accuracy. If you are going to use the sensors for my electronic project, be sure to pay attention to the compatibility with the platform on which you are working. In this category we offer sensors pirometryczne high temperature in accordance, incidentally, with Arduino and STM32 Nucleo.

What sensors pirometryczne you will find in this section?

In our offer you will find a wide range of sensors pirometrycznych high temperature and other thermal sensors and measuring devices using detection of infrared radiation. There are thermal imagers, thermometers for medical remote measurement of temperature of the patient and the modules are designed for installation in a more complex electronic projects. All products have been created by reputable manufacturers, such as DFRobot, Seeedstudio, SparkFun do. We invite you to explore the range of sensors pirometrycznych available in this category and also visit our blog and other parts of Botland.