High precision temperature sensors

Category dedicated to temperature sensors are designed to perform very accurate measurements of temperature. Tolerance in the case of these sensors, in ±0.5 °C , making them the best choice if you care about the most accurate measurement.


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Temperature sensors high precision

Temperature sensors with high accuracy enable to determine the measured temperature with high precision (for example, of the order of ±0.1°C), so you can use them in devices and measuring instruments that require a carefully prepared measurements. Generally, temperature sensors of high precision made in digital technology, which means that the output result using a binary signal, and read data from the sensor we need a system of digital (microcontroller), although the market is available a large selection of analog sensors and modules analog-to-digital. Temperature sensors with high precision can be with or without contact - if these second most often used measurement technology is the detection of infrared radiation measuring devices with integrated sensors of this type are referred to as IR (as the infrared - infrared).

The use of precision temperature sensors

Temperature sensors of high accuracy, are used wherever it is necessary to achieve accurate and reliable outcome measurements. They are therefore used in particular in medical and sports equipment, for example thermometers, system for contactless temperature monitoring headbands for athletes smartwatche. Accurate measurement of the temperature, they are also ideal for security applications in sensitive and expensive electronic devices, which may be compromised even with small fluctuations of this factor. Because of this, thermal sensors of high precision are also used in factories, workshops, electronic and industrial enterprises. It is also a necessary item of equipment of any type of laboratories and laboratory science. High-precision measurement is advantageous also in less demanding applications, therefore, these sensors are ideal for use in household thermometers, room temperature controllers, weather stations, floor heating systems, smart buildings or cooling systems in electronic devices.

How to choose the right model?

During a set of precision temperature sensors good to pay attention to several key characteristics, which include a range of measurements and accuracy of this model, for people in the desired communication interfaces, the method and type of food, the presence of additional features or method of installation. The range of measurement precision of the sensors is typically in the range of -40°C to 125°C (although also available sensors for measurement of high temperatures, even up to 800°C), whereas their accuracy depends on the chosen model and ranges from ±0.1°C ±2°C. it is Worth remembering that the accuracy of measurement depends on external factors - including the value of the measured temperature (the best results are achieved in the middle range of the measurement range) and the appropriate power supply and signal processing methods (e.g., used converters). Popular methods of communication in sensors and modules precision is, among other things, I2C or SPI. A very important factor in choosing a compliance of proper nutrition otherwise the measurement results might be inaccurate, and the entire sensor may even fail. Also pay attention to the presence of additional functions, such as measurement of humidity, the measurement of atmospheric pressure - they are particularly useful in projects, establishing control more than one factor simultaneously (e.g. weather stations).

What you will find in our assortment?

In this category we offer a wide variety of high-precision temperature sensors and measurement modules. Here you will find the products of popular companies such as Adafruit, Seeedstudio, SparkFun, or iNode. Models available with temperature measurement function and equipped with additional ability to measure the humidity of air, atmospheric pressure. We offer modules with goldpin connectors and connectors of the Grove and wireless options that communicate via Bluetooth 4.0. We invite you to see the entire range of this category and also in our offer other sensors, digital and analog, which you can use in your projects electronic.