3D printer Urbicum

Urbicum advertises its 3D printers as one of the fastest on the market. These industrial-class devices can print with speed up to 200mm/s and acceleration up to 5000mm/s^2. That means you can create an almost 5kg object for one day. Polish company emphasizes ecological production and waste reduction, rigorously testing each printer manufactured. Additionally, you are not limited to use only dedicated materials - Urbicum devices are compatible with 1.75mm filaments from any producer on the market. The smallest of manufacturer printers have one of the biggest working areas compared to the competition that produces desktop devices. In we offer a whole range of Urbicum printers, so you can choose one that best fits your need. Check out our offer today and create professional, industrial-grade rapid prototyping lab with Urbicum printers.

3D printing - how it works?

3D printing, known also as an additive or generative manufacturing, involves the production of a physical object by applying consecutive layers of material. To print an object you must have a 3D model designed earlier, dedicated software called slicer, that translate spatial distribution of model point cloud to 3D printer language, material that will change into body of the object, and finally 3D printer. Additive manufacturing technology can be a great tool for architecture, agriculture, engineering, Automotive industry, education, industrial design, robotics, and the energy sector. Creating one piece of the product using all kinds of machines and tools used in mass production is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes it can be even impossible without incurring additional expenses and special preparation of the production line. 3D printing can be the easiest solution in such cases. Thanks to that technology, you can create almost any object you want fast and at little cost using any CAD program. 3D printing can be up to several hundred times cheaper than conventional methods of production. Additionally, a lot of models can be manufactured and examined on the same day. The creator can see how his new part is working and make needed corrections on real objects. It is a very convenient way for fast and cheap prototyping. Urubicum printers, available in, are one of the fastest on the market, so you can work on your prototypes even faster.

Urubicum devices and equipment

All of the Polish company printers are ready for continuous operations. They are very fast, quiet, accurate, and offer industrial-grade quality. The smallest device will allow you to print motorcycle helmet size models with PLA, ABS, ASA, TPU, PET, HIPS etc. You can operate it by colorful, remote touchscreen or control it on your computer station thanks to a WiFi connection. Special sensors monitor filament status and are able to hold the process if there’s jam or material shortage. Urbicum extruder warns up to 400C, has a 30mm melting zone, and can extrude 5kg of good quality material per day. Thanks to the ultra-flat worktable, Urbicum printers do not need to carry auto-leveling every time you want to print something. Also, you can easily use thin table covers of any material, glass, or metal that will best adapt to the filament you are using. The build-in, maintenance-free, and quiet vacuum pump will keep the cover perfectly flat.

All of the Polish manufacturer printers available in have RGBW led lighting that informs the user about the current status of operation and provide a clear vision on the working area. Thanks to the refined mechanical systems and original electronics, the prints are dimensionally accurate and repeatable.

Urubicum printers support KISSlicer, Simplify3D, and Cura software, so you can choose your favorite one to work with. All of them are user-friendly and easy to use. Slicing features built through years of development are constantly growing, increasing optimization and functionality. Many of them offer seamless integration with CAD software, so you can export your models from the design program to slicer with only one click.