Resistors SMD 1206

SMD 1206 resistors are electronic components that are often used by professional electronics or robotyków. They are often used to reduce the current in an electrical circuit in the construction of electronic devices. A resistor made according to the technology 1206 SMD (surface) is much smaller than the same feature of THT (przewlekanej). Through the use of this approach in relation to all the components on the PCB, its final dimensions will be significantly less than can get all the device.


RLC - Tolerance
RLC - Resistance
RLC - Capacity

Resistors SMD 1206

A resistor is a passive components required for virtually every circuit on the PCB. These are the components most frequently used to reduce the voltage. Proper connection of the led to the power supply is usually one of the first tasks performed by every aspiring Elektronik. Before using the component you should carefully check the specifications supplied by the manufacturer (first, the nominal voltage, current and power) and use it to pick up the rest of the system. The current in the main battery is too high, and the nominal current produced today LEDs does not exceed usually a few milliamps. So as not to damage the component, elektronik (using Ohm's law) should choose a resistor of the appropriate resistance. You can change the brightness of the led using resistors smaller or larger values of resistance (a few milliamps). The resistor in the system takes part of the energy (which without it dopłynęłaby for the device) and converts it into heat. During the selection of a particular resistor for another component, you must check its nominal capacity and the level of tolerance (most often 5% or 10%). Resistor SMD 1206 is one of the most popular sizes for mounting on a surface, used in electronics and robotyków around the world. Its installation requires some experience in soldering, because it requires quite high precision - the size of his shot from the top is about 3.2 mm by 1.6 mm.

Resistor SMD 1206 and not only do we offer?

Our store offers Botland resistors SMD 1206 on opornościach from 1? to 510 k?. We sell items in groups of 5,000 elements, making the price per resistor is less. It is the perfect solution for the laboratory robotycznego, or a person who wants to ensure a supply of such elements for a long time. Resistors are Packed in special dry-film packaging that protects them from damage and facilitate the organization of the components. Each of the resistors is designed to high standards - their margin of error is 5% and the rated power of 0.25 W.