Laminators they are used both for office and home – doesn't exist, probably none are more simple and time efficient technique that allows you to firmly fix the documents, photographs, handwritten drawings and graphics from the damaging effects of moisture, gases and dirt particles. About how a detrimental effect on paper are environmental conditions, they know everyone who uses the house with a gas stove – and a pair of resin substances without any problems lead to the yellowing of old documents, records, Newspapers, etc. Laminating allows you to not only keep the original colors, but gives almost one hundred percent humidity that is present in the air and accidental flooding. The film also protects the front of the small folds, scratches and any other mechanical damage. In this category you will find a comfortable, robust office laminators and laminates, as well as device Mayku Formbox - an interesting alternative for the production of lids, cases, containers or spatial forms for artistic purposes.

Lamination methods

Currently laminators have many operational parameters and technical characteristics, but the basic division applied for each day lamination techniques documents, photos, or IDs based on the temperature at which the entire process takes place. If there is a risk of damage protected material from a high temperature, you should choose cold laminating. This technique involves bonding of parts with one (for single-sided lamination) or two layers of film through the pressure on not through rotating rollers located inside the enclosure, the laminator. Much more common and definitely cheaper, however, the laminating technology hot – in this technology sheet foil sticks to the laminated object not only of pressure, but primarily through the action of nan temperature of about one hundred and tens of degrees Celsius. It is worth remembering that the presence of the film – in addition to the recommended temperature of lamination also differ in the thickness (expressed in microns, i.e. mikrometrach, 10-3 mm), the type of surface (glossy or matte) and additional properties (e.g., film, anti-static).

Forming a vacuum, that is, the lamination on the road

Very interesting technique, which, as it developed from classical laminators, is the so-called vacuum forming. The technique consists in heating a sheet of thin plastic to a certain temperature, and then clung to it to the previously prepared forms using vacuum. The thinness of the material makes the prepared item (that have several levels open shell) cools very quickly, making vacuum forming technology you can even use materials with low heat resistance, for example, 3D printing made with filaments PLA. For the creation of vacuum is a special vacuum pump (in press-industrial) or... a vacuum cleaner – if termoformierek unprofessional. This kind of "laminator" allows the creation of three-dimensional shells corresponding to the shape of almost any detail, from simple packaging of the "blister", to complex, for example, only the features of a particular person. It is easy to imagine, for example, intriguing chocolates in the form of the famous sculptures made with ready to use 3D model or data from a scanner 3D. In this case, in order to make the right shape, enough to print ordinary and sculpture scale model, and then use it as a template in termoformierce.

Laminators and accessories the store Botland

In our offer you will find a number of laminators known and loved brands of Tracer and Esperanza that are adapted for use with documents, photographs or widokówkami different sizes. Model TRL-A4 allows for laminating (cold and hot) objects the size of a sheet of A5 or A4. Model Tracer TRL-A3 also supports large format (A3 size of two stacked other sheets A4). Such parameters, dimensional also has a slightly cheaper laminator Esperanza AEON EFL003. In this category you will find sets of transparencies laminacyjnej A5 and A4 (100 PCs). If You are interested in termoformierek vacuum we have for You the latest model of the moulding machine Mayku Formbox special półmilimetrowe sheets (white and transparent) in packages of 30 pieces.