Kitronik kits for Electro-Fashion

Electro-Fashion is the brand of gourmet company Kitronik. The manufacturer suggests an unusual technique that allows you to sew smart clothes. In our offer you will find many tools that allow for independent tailoring specially equipped with special LEDs. Instead of wires you can use with a specially prepared conductive thread, which connects the properties of the normal threads and wires, being able to feed the LED lighting. Food consists of small batteries, coin size, and the inclusion of LEDs can be accessed using the appropriate button, after discovering the dark, tilt or change the state of the magnetic field. The offer also includes a wide range of LEDs in various sizes and colours. In our assortment you will find as separate parts of different types and ready-made kits that allow tailoring your own clothing, smart with LEDs. We invite high-quality components for sewing e-textiles company Kitronik and to see the rest of the store portfolio.

Kitronik kits for Electro-Fashion

In our assortment you will find all the tools needed to implement your ideas into practice, smart clothing with LEDs. Available as single modules and kits with LED, szpulkami threads, pockets for batteries, cables, control modules or switches. The best are the sets, which is more goods - buying more items at the same time, you can save money and get confidence that you won't forget about important details that may delay the implementation of the project.

Connections - nothing conducting

In the proposal we have an excellent invention that ultimately have to replace anything przyszycia LEDs and power cable from the battery, is hosted elsewhere, your clothes are not conductive. There are, incidentally, a coil length of about 45 meters, but you can also buy a smaller number of threads (for example, in one of the sets). The product is designed in such a way that, without compromising him how to hand sew, and use it in the sewing machine. Silver is a metal with very good conductivity properties, so that nothing was covered with a very thin layer of this metal. Thus, the product has excellent conductive properties - the resistance of the cable is between 40? 160? for a distance of one meter. Designers did not forget also about the conditions of sustainability that need to correspond to anything decent. The offered product is capable of withstanding a load of 4.2 kg - for execution was used, about 96 individual fibers. Each of them was covered mikronową layer of silver, then the 16-elementowych groups, they create a basic weave. Ready plexus connects to the couple to provide the basis to create the final thread, consisting of three such pairs (each pair is 2 times 16 fibers). The face is strong and well conductive material.

Management of smart clothes

Depending on the task designer of a smart clothing system can be constructed so that it was very simple, or to become high-tech equipment. For a simple project, just nothing conductive, led, power source and switch. A more complicated design requires the use of a simple controller or microprocessor. A good example often used for such purposes can be the BBC micro:bit It (educational module with Cortex M0 microprocessor and a built-in accelerometer, a Bluetooth module, a 5x5 matrix of LEDs). In this category you will also find the device is intended for projects the smart clothing we are talking about Electro-Fashion Needle. This programmable module is equipped with a 14M2 PICAXE microcontroller, button, and diode. The device has 3 ports of digital input/output and 3 analog connector inputs/outputs (with PWM support). With this equipment in elektronik as, for example, put in the clothes additional sensors such as light sensor or accelerometer. Face adapted for easy programming in BASIC (the easiest way is by using the software PICAXE, which uses flowcharts in Blockly).

Feeding methods

It should be noted that the modules are equipped with special energy saving system - when you start any of the modes, the module will allow about 30 minutes of work. When you turn off and on the next call to any mode, the counter is reset. These procedures are designed to protect you before the situation in which this accidentally trigger your clothes (for example, hidden in the bag) and much to defuse the source of supply. Supplied in sets, batteries, offer high performance and capacity. Able to feed a smart dress code, even for two days. We have specially designed this basket for the batteries in two versions. Cheaper solution provides basket on the CR2032 battery attached to a small plate (44 x 20 x 4.5 mm) with four przelotkami and clearly marked polarity, while a little more expensive version is slightly larger and, in addition, are equipped with a soldered switch for drills.


Available LEDs, they are perfect for use when sewing smart dress code. Modules with LEDs it's actually a small printed circuit Board installed inside lighting. In addition to her Board are respectively connected to a resistor of SMD and two gaskets (holes) with metal compounds through which the needle can freely przewlekać and nothing lining. The LEDs in our range are sold in sets of 10 pieces and available in different colors (e.g., white or purple), and can emit light with a power of 1600 mCd to 1900 MCD.