Printers and pen, 2D

Printing is an essential part of the manufacturing process. It’s a step that brings the “final touch” of the personalization of an object. Printing has evolved over the years, from simple printing on paper to creating real 3D objects. There are several types of printing technologies: screen printing, inkjet, laser, 2D, or 3D printing. While the number of devices that people can view documents on has grown, so has the portable printers. With the increase of smartphones and tablets, some small printers that handle different inputs, including receiving files via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, emerged on the market. Some can print photos and documents, or even scan. If you are looking for a small 2D printer, check our large selection of products. At, you will find label printers and 2D printing pens with which you can customize any product. Print logo, picture, or inscription at any object you want with one of the innovative Evbot printing pens available at our shop.

The world of printing - discover its possibilities

Printers come in different shapes, sizes, and have different functionalities. Some devices can print, scan, copy, and fax. There are laser printers, label printers, and inkjet printers, which can have functionalities such as Wi-Fi connection, AirPrint, Cloud printing, double-sided printing, printing on CDs / DVDs, and scanning. Which printer are you looking for?

Buying a printer can be tricky. There is a wide range of these devices, and you must know which one to choose. At, we will be happy to help you find the best printer that meets your needs and expectations. Our offer includes a large selection of products such as label printers, printing pens, and accessories. With label printers, you can easily mark things in your kitchen, workshop, or office. Create professional and durable labels for front panels, electrical appliances, data files, and other items. Don’t hesitate to ask us a question. Our customer service will help you find the most suitable solution according to the expected quality and budget.

Evebot PrintPen - a true innovation

Today you can personalize all kinds of objects with your own logo. But did you know that this process is now straightforward? All you need is a unique, innovative PrintPen, which works as a small printer, but it’s so tiny that you can slip it into your pocket. This idea of PrintPen was developed by Evebot company and funded on Kickstarter! Evebot PrintPen is a great concept that makes all printing wishes possible. The device can print on different textures (wood, textile, paper) so that you can easily customize any object you want. Imagine unique and personalized sneakers with decorations of your own design. What is more, the Evebot printing pen uses ecological and non-toxic ink! A roll structure of this device adapts to the surface, making the print always accurate and high-quality. Just choose the printing or drawing style and then press the button to see your idea transferred to the selected item. To print with the PrintPen, simply pair it with your mobile device using its dedicated application. For this, the device needs Wi-Fi connection, either with your home network (only in 2.4 GHz) or directly with your mobile phone or laptop. Then choose one of the offered patterns or upload a new design directly to the app. It is also possible to print only text using the integrated editor.

Tips on how to buy a printer

Although more and more texts are available in digital format, a good printer is still an essential part of our workplace. Also, portable printers and printing pens open diverse possibilities when it comes to creating personalized products. However, there are many things to consider while buying a printer or printing pen. This will make a difference to what makes a portable printer the right one for you or not. First of all, know what your expectations are. Decide what type of printer you want to buy and browse our catalog to find the best product for your needs. offers a large variety of high-quality portable printers at reasonable prices.