Printers and pen, 2D

Johannes Gutenberg probably didn't expect his invention, the seal will be contributed to the creation of a few hundred years later, a number of additional, highly accurate methods of marking. Initially, the texts and graphics have been reproduced through reflection on clean paper, a previously compiled matrices, coated with a dye. The end of the twentieth century brought a complete change of approach to the methodology of printing. The spread of computers and literally instantly after the appearance of dot matrix printers, ink-jet, and, in the end, the laser has led to the fact that printing has evolved from a technique of fixing the text in the rank of universal marking technology, packaging, structural components, pharmaceutical products, etc. Although today, almost everyone has at least one home printer, few people have the opportunity of marking any surfaces. To overcome this barrier, manufacturers have created special types of printers that can apply labels and simple drawings on any surface. In Botland store you will find a excellent label printers, as well as modern... pens with the cartridges, ie – in other words – pen 2D.

Overview of printing technologies

The most common in the world of office devices are two printing technology – ink-jet (which has almost completely replaced the previously used dot-matrix printers) and laser. The first is based on natryskiwaniu microscopic drops of black or light color ink on the surface of the paper. For this purpose, very accurate, high resolution printheads built into the cartridge, or (in some cheaper printers) directly to the movable carriage of the printer. Such technologies are based is also available in our offer pen 2D. Laser uses a series of optical phenomena and electricity that enables the performance of desired drawing (text, graphics, or photographs) via a shaft, drum, naelektryzowany through the laser beam. It attracts particles of toner and transfers them to paper to which a dye is strengthened by the heater. The third technology, honored especially for the packaging industry, equipment, fiscal, thermal – here particular importance is the material that is covered with paper. The principle of operation of this type of printer based on selective heat special mikrogrzałek – transmitting heat to the surface of the paper, they call it local dimming.

The pen is a 2D printer that will fit in the hand

Very interesting representative, it would not be very numerous, group of feathers 2D print pen Evebot Printing Pen. It is small (only 174 x 53 x 30 mm), easy to use machine, was equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 1200 mAh, USB-C port (for charging) and WiFi module, allowing you to easily connect with any mobile device with Android operating system or iOS. Next to the printhead with a width of 26 mm, was placed a small roll, along with a hidden in the body enkoderem. It is thanks to him, the printer detects the current velocity of the device along a surface on which to place the seal that allows the integrated controller to regulate the operation of the printhead. As a result, the print made by this technique devoid of distortion, regardless of how many people had made the entire passage. It is important that the special cartridge used in the device is so safe that in addition to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and even fabrics, prints can be draped, even directly on the... human skin.

Printers and pen in the 2D sentence, Botland

In our offer you will find print pen Evebot Printing Pen cartridges ink colors: black, red and dark blue. This set will allow You to print advertising, processing of documents, packaging, fast marking of clothes will be absolutely well as in cases of pure entertainment, when I want to put funny captions or drawing on the skin of the hand or forehead. However, if you are looking for a good, reliable printer for printing self-adhesive labels, select the Dymo LabelWriter 450 is the small, compact thermal printer works with a variety of different types of labels in various sizes, e.g. 19 mm or 51 x 57 x 32 mm – both sizes listed you will also find in our offer.