Character generators

Even the simplest operations relating to the processing of static images that require significant computing power and volume of RAM. If the challenge is live, and, in addition, it should be implemented in real time without noticeable delays, the matter is complicated by much more than in the case of processing a single photo. Many systems used for transmission of the video "living" requires, in particular, overlay on the original image additional information in the form of subtitles, and even graphics. Implementation of this task with the use of modern minikomputera and operating system, equipped in appropriate graphical environment, is not for the medium to advanced developer any problems. However, if the image is transmitted from the web cameras, analog, meet the additional difficulty – the need for suitable "mixture" of the original image layer that contains the text or icons. For such applications, dedicated high-end character generators Polish brand OSD Systems.

The OSD information and the OSD more moderately does not work!

Modular character generators are perfect wherever you want to display static or dynamic captions, vector images, and even raster images. Very importantly, ready-to-use modules do not cause any challenges associated with designing high-speed tracks machine vision and high-performance processors video running in real time – all the support programs is based on sending simple commands via the serial UART interface (3.3 V), RS-232 or RS-485. Because of this, the character generators can be served as a simple plate Arduino (e.g. Arduino Nano or Arduino Uno), and a larger evaluation kits (STM32 Nucleo) and miniature classroom computers SBC (e.g. Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone). For this purpose, fairly inexpensive Converter OSD, PORT 22, which is a sort of base plate for the tiles Nano or Arduino STM32 Nucleo, and an interface for connection with any digital receiver that supports the RS485 bus or niskonapięciowy UART.

Character generator OSD-50HD

Character generators, Poznan brand OSD Systems is available in three variants, designated as OSD-50HD, FG-50HD and SG-55HD. OSD module-50HD does not contain case – all one circuit Board with two rows of female connectors goldpin. The device supports standards AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI (720p / 1080p) and CVBS (D1 / 960H) and can run in both PAL and NTSC, and serial communication can be carried out with the most popular speeds (2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps), and much more (28800, 38400, 57600, 115200, 234000, 468000, 936000, and even 1872000 bits per second). Higher transmission speeds will come in handy, especially while watching high-frequency subtitles (for example, indications of the vehicle speed or coordinates) and graphics (e.g., charts, updated in real time). The module is designed to supply voltage of 3.3 V and consumes a current of about 800 mA.

Ready for integration of a symbolic module FG-50HD / SG-55HD

Character generators FG-50HD and SG-55HD is already complete devices, with a supply voltage of 12 V and ready for integration into the target system. All the necessary connectors (input and video signal output, input power, and communications, as well as a series of buttons and LED indicators), were bred and legibly described on the front and back of the case. Despite the external similarities, the two devices differ in the range of supported protocols and functionality of graphics cards. Module SG-55HD, as described previously, OSD-50HD, it is able to display vector and raster graphics, also supports firmware updates, and also allows you to define your own fonts. Character generator FG-50HD dedicated, primarily, to work with fiscal cash registers, offers a set of integrated communication protocols, cash registers and scales, digital. Also allows you to define new protocols KF, if the device must work with a unique or less popular money fiscal. FG-50HD does not support graphics display.

Examples of the use of character generators

Depending on the selected version, the modules of the character generators of the company OSD Systems can work with fiscal devices (e.g., printers, Thermal Posnet, Elzab, whether Novitus, Innova), weights, Axis, Radwag whether Rhewa, Mettler Toledo 8530, and registrars work time (e.g., HEB-2). Also supported the system of cashless payments (for example, Detectalia NEWTON). In the mode of SG-1 it is possible to display any information coming from other devices supporting the serial interface RS-485. OSD module-50HD, include overlay PORT 22 and plate Arduino Nano or STM32 Nucleo is a complete system that is able to superimpose the image from the camera almost unlimited amount of information, such as charts, measuring data readings of sensors or calculation results. In this regard, the character generators, are ideal for the implementation of any system information on the screen (eng. OSD On-Screen Display), for example, control console, UAVs and mobile robots, complex systems of monitoring of objects (SURVEILLANCE and machine vision systems for quality control and automation of industrial processes.