Industrial drones DJI

DJI is the most popular brand in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly called drones. The headquarters of the company is located in Shenzhen city and factories scattered practically all over the globe. The company, in addition to the drones, also produces the web camera, sport, stabilizers, engines and more. The company was founded in 2006 and since then has won many prestigious awards. Currently, about 70% of drones sold worldwide under brand DJI.

Professional drones DJI Industrial

In addition to the commercial drones, used in particular for video recording and photography of weddings, tours and landscapes, DJI has in its offer also unmanned aerial vehicles used in the industry. Drones of this type are used in particular for inspection of hard to reach places. Because its capabilities are also used to verify the installation, extending over a large area. This method allows you to not only instantly detect faults, but also significantly reduces the time required to conduct a painstaking inspection. Moreover, increases worker safety. Unmanned aerial vehicles DJI ideal as measuring instruments, especially in the case of measurements at high altitude. Professional drones are used also for monitoring of the area. High engine power in combination with a capacitive element, that makes it unable to patrol is very extensive and varied terrain in the shortest possible time.

Benefits of industrial drones DJI

Due to the difficult conditions and the kind of work performed professional DJI drones under the brand are characterized by high resistance to moisture and contamination. In addition, the high resolution camera image, which has a direct effect on detail, can be used to inspect even the minor details. Despite enhanced functionality, such drones DJI have simple and intuitive calibration. Moreover, additional functionality in the form of an effective system of obstacle avoidance, quiet mode and information protection, extend the use of the device. Drones can operate reliably in difficult lighting conditions, making are used, in particular, for observation.

Industrial drones DJI - superior image quality

The store Botland you will find, in particular, unmanned aerial vehicles DJI brand, designed for professional use, which can be wide additional accessories that increase their capabilities. Intelligent control system combined with a compact size that makes this type of device are mobile, versatile and very accurate. This way the user always receives the high quality video or photos. Moreover, the use of professional gimbala effectively stabilizes images even in case of wind. In this category we offer industrial drones DJI brand, thanks to combination with a specially designed app that offers a huge opportunity that you can use in your business. Bet on professional solutions and select the # 1 brand in the world among manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles.