3D printer Goofoo

Goofoo is a brand native to China. The main line of activity of the company is to produce high quality 3D printers at affordable prices. In assortment of company you can find solutions for business and home use. Through careful design, use of innovative technological innovations in the production process, and also attractive price, the device Goofoo enjoyed great popularity not only in Asia, but around the world.

Which printers offers brand Goofoo?

The range of brand Goofoo you will find a wide range of 3D printers designed for use in different purposes. Available as a model that uses as the working material PLA or ABS filament (incidentally, Goofoo Tiny, Goofoo T-One or Goofoo Plus), and printers that produce the elements in the technology of SLA (Goofoo Ray Series), which uses resins światłoutwardzalnych.

What models you'll find in the store Botland?

On our website are available model Goofoo Tiny+ and Goofoo Mini+. Both devices are ideal for use at home, for example, for prototyping projects, electronic, printing parts, plastic brackets, or create their own works of art in three-dimensional printing technology.

Goofoo Tiny+

Model Goofoo Tiny+ intended to create elements in which the maximum dimensions are 120 mm x 120 mm x 180 mm. the Device has a durable metal construction, which ensures stability during printing and allows you to achieve maximum accuracy in the coordinate system of the project. The printer has a touch display with a diagonal of 2.8 inches, through which you can intuitively control it. The model also has the protection przeciwoparzeniowe that allows you to protect from accidental contact of the heated elements.

Goofoo Mini+

Model Goofoo Mini+ is designed to print three-dimensional models with maximum dimensions of 200 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm. the surface of the table has a special magnetic strip which can be easily removed, the finished model after the printing process. The device is made of aluminum, which allows to maintain excellent stability and control precision printing even at high speed.