Robobloq educational robots

Robots developing Robobloq intended for children, starting from the third year of life. They allow the young to learn and explore the world of fun. Products brand Robobloq implement the educational concept of STEAM, which is one of the most innovative trends in education.

The concept of STEAM education

STEAM (from the English Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is extended to the Humanities and arts option curriculum STEM. The main principle of this concept is the development of children's interest to the exact Sciences and creative thinking. It includes, among other things, to teach children to observe and analyze physical phenomena and to draw conclusions and understand cause-and-effect relationships.

What products Robobloq you will find on the website Botland?

Visit Botland, you'll find educational robots Robobloq designed for children of different ages. For the smallest kids a great sentence expresses the robot snail Robobloq Qobo, which is suitable for children from about third year of life. And for the older children (aged eight years) are ideal for work such as Robobloq Qoopers whether Robobloq Q-Scout.

Robot snail Qobo

Its distinguishing feature is the lack of display that teaches kids that you can have a great time, and no society has a smartphone, tablet or computer. The set includes a color map and puzzle, the child can plan a route of movement of the screw and know the basic principles of programming in a pleasant, accessible form.

Driving the robot Q-Scout

Q-Scout is a robot designed to explore robotics, electronics and programming. The set consists of a metal platform, a set of sensors and the Central module that uses an Arduino Board. In combination with the application Robobloq toy can be used as a tool for learning programming in an intuitive graphical system Scratch 3.0.

Six robots in one: Robobloq Qoopers

Robobloq Qoopers is a versatile toy that allows you to purchase a number of useful skills in a playful way. Install it yourself (you can create up to six different designs), and when you build allows you to learn programming using a special application on the mobile device using a graphical language.