Thuja - automatics for home

Tuya is an open-source platform for creating intelligent installation projects for residential buildings as well as large industrial facilities. The Tuya system provides a high degree of compatibility when connecting devices from various manufacturers and enables the implementation of projects using wireless communication via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee. The community of users of the Tuya platform consists of manufacturers of home automation devices, as well as programmers, electronics and other engineers along with an extensive network of suppliers and distributors around the world. Thanks to this, the user is provided with very good technical support when selecting products and launching them. By using the Tuya platform, you get almost unlimited possibilities of connecting and configuring building automation devices. In addition, the dedicated Tuya Smart Life application allows you to control the entire system of smart installation devices from a smartphone via a wireless network from anywhere in the world!

Tuya - easy in use modern home automation devices

In the Botland store offer, you will find numerous controllers and sensors modules for smart homes. In this category, you will find products such as equipment for automatically controlled lighting, as well as control elements for the heating system. Thanks to the central module, you can control all automation devices in your home. The home automation modules we offer include electric door and gate controllers, environmental conditions sensors, Infra-Red motion sensors, as well as sensors for the presence of dangerous gases. For more extensive projects, it is possible to enrich the building automation system with the function of recalling light scenes, temperature presets in the rooms according to the hourly schedule, as well as issuing voice commands using Google Assistant voice assistants. We especially recommend intelligent LED bulbs controlled by Wi-Fi. The colour and light intensity can be easily set using the dedicated Tuya Smart Life app. If you are planning to upgrade your heating system, it is definitely worth paying attention to intelligent thermostatic heads. Such a head can be programmed in such a way that, depending on the time, the temperature in the rooms of the building is precisely set to the value set by the user. Programming the thermostatic head can be done using a telephone via Bluetooth. It is an excellent technical solution that increases the comfort of using the building and at the same time significantly reduces its maintenance costs.

Tuya Smart Life - a mobile application that ensuring the highest comfort of use

Tuya is a project that was created in such a way that the user can easily and quickly connect with each other building automation devices that differ in technical standards. This problem is perfectly solved by Tuya Smart Life - a dedicated mobile application that allows you to easily control all smart installation devices in your home, and also provides comprehensive options for configuring your accessories. A high degree of compatibility is ensured by the fact that the Tuya system supports communication via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as other popular interfaces and communication protocols. Tuya Smart Life is a guarantee of effective building automation management, increasing safety and comfort, as well as high reliability and saving of electricity.