BBMagic - a modules Bluetooth

BBMagic is a series of small and practical building automation modules that communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth. BBMagic modules are designed by Polish electronics engineers with many years of professional experience and passion. Using the Bluetooth modules of the BBMagic series, designing and building a comprehensive intelligent installation for residential and industrial buildings is a very simple task, both in old and newly commissioned buildings. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth BLE technology, BBMagic modules are characterized by high data transmission speed and significantly reduced power consumption. Thanks to this, these modules can work on one battery for a very long time. This is a particularly important advantage when access to direct power supply from the electrical installation is difficult in the building. BBMagic modules are compatible with single-board minicomputers from the Raspberry Pi series. The manufacturer provides the necessary technical support, which in addition to hardware support also includes software and libraries to facilitate the creation of specific hardware and software applications.

BBMagic - When the magic happens!

In the offer of BBMagic modules available in the Botland store, it is especially worth paying attention to the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) driver module, with which you can control both the intensity of LED lighting as well as the rotational speed of electric motors, including stepper motors for driving automatic gates. The PWM driver from BBMagic has 3 PWM channels built-in. Also a very functional tool is the relay driver module, with the help of which you will be able to implement independent control of up to four relays - elements that can mediate the processes of switching on and off electrical circuits such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and lighting. BBMagic modules are also measuring sensors, with which you can monitor in real-time such environmental conditions as temperature, humidity as well as the degree of air pollution. Also a distinctive product on offer is BBMagic Flood - a wireless sensor that measures the water level. It is a particularly useful measuring instrument in buildings that are located near water bodies, where there is a particularly increased risk of flooding.

BBMagic - easy and convenient control

In the Botland store, you will also find high-quality BBMagic modules equipped with programmable buttons, thanks to which you will be able to create any application in the form of a programmable controller of home electrical appliances. The measuring sensor modules and BBMagic controllers are fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi. The BBMagic Relay Power module, however, has a built-in relay that can control the activation and deactivation of 230VAC circuits with an admissible current load of up to 10A. The advanced BBAir module is also perfect for industrial applications. With this module you can perform remote measurements of environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, dust and particle concentration of PM1, PM2.5, PM10. Measurements can be made both manually and automatically. Each BBMagic set offered by our store includes a housing and other necessary mounting elements.