3D printer Yidimu

Today, the famous 3D printing technology is developing the 80-ies. The XX century. An innovative method of production of objects of almost any shape and is successfully used in the production of dental prostheses, parts of motor vehicles, as well as food and clothing. The rapid development of 3D printing technologies has led to the creation of many machines that are easy to use and affordable not only for large companies, but also for lovers. 3D printer from Yidimu was developed with thinking about applications in which accuracy is important, execution of an object in minute detail.


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Panther LCD printer for demanding users

Design 3D printer Panther LCD opens up the practical possibility of printing three-dimensional sound at a good price. The print resolution is 47µm, so that the printed object is characterized by a very high degree of fidelity to purpose your digital model and software implemented smoothing algorithm prevents the appearance of undesirable artifacts that arise from imperfections in the reproduction of the print object from the file in digital form. High-precision manufacturing of the auxiliary equipment drive pivot arm seal in the axis height of the object is shown during the printing process and after its completion, when we get ready in physical form. The workspace is a bit smaller overall size of the printer allows you to print objects with maximum dimensions, the components of 120x65x165.

Simple, convenient operation with powerful software

We offer in our store 3D printer from Yidimu can operate with a PC with a 64-bit operating systems Windows 7, 8 and 10. The printer can read files from USB flashdisku. Manage print options is via colour touch screen with a diagonal of 3.5”, which we can observe the progress of the printing process in real time without your computer screen external. Effective, customized software allows you to print the same object at 30 times faster than traditional 3D printers operate based on software with open source. Filamentem that uses printer firms Yidimu, this is a resin and hardener with UV light. High precision of process printing allows the creation of objects such as prosthetics, miniature replicas of the figurines of characters from movies and games, mechanical components, for the manufacture of robots or decorative elements.