Microduino - educational robots

Microduino is a system that allows the user to view electronic projects robot educational specialized modules. System Microduino is an extension to the Arduino platform and is fully compatible with the Arduino development environment IDE. The purpose and main goal of the designers Microduino was the creation of tools that facilitate the installation of projects with modules. The store Botland available in two series, accessories series, Microduino - toys STEM Microduino and special modules rozszerzeniowe mCookie, which can also work with the software the Arduino IDE. Microduino is a great idea for a good start in the world of technology from the very young years of life!

Effective teaching through a sophisticated play with robots Microduino

Set itty Bitty Buggy from the Microduino implements the concept of stem and allows you to build moving robots that resemble, in particular, ladybug, lazy, Dodo bird, an alien from another planet, or many other interesting designs. A favorable factor is the compatibility of toy with environment Scratch, which is a perfect solution for everyone, for which programming is totally unfamiliar with the term. Itty Bitty Buggy can also be a great toy for experienced programmers built the robot can be programmed using environments Arudino IDE and Python, so the design can greatly grew in size and functionality.

mCookie - external module for Microduino

The store Botland we also mCookie - a number of modules designed under collaboration with the office Microduino. MCookie Core modules are the Central control unit of the robot and is compatible with the base plates and the Arduino programming environment the Arduino IDE. In turn, modules, mCookie Extension allow you to extend the basic features of the system equipment Microduino, for example, by adding a module with a LCD display, a matrix of RGB LEDs or GPS-em. The manufacturer took care also about the connection, work with external devices over a wireless network using communication modules that support communications via wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and network communication in the radio frequency range. Modules mCookie as the Microduino cooperate with the software environment mDesigner, Scratch, Python and the Arduino IDE.