Battery AGM

Rechargeable AGM batteries are used in situations where it is necessary to use elements that allow you to quickly and short-term provision of large amounts of electricity. So perfect, such as starting devices for cars or as part of a redundant backup power supply in case of interruptions in the supply of electricity from the network. The advantages of AGM batteries, it is necessary, among other things, the lack of maintenance required, durability, resistance to spill, a high level of maximum power, the ability to work in different positions and temperatures and long service life. These devices are also suitable in applications with severe shocks and vibrations, and also in big time withdrawal of winnings current. The AGM batteries available in our offer will cope in cyclic operation, as a buffer. In this category you will find a wide selection of AGM batteries of different capacities, including products of famous Polish manufacturer of Green Cell.

What is a AGM battery?

Battery AGM (with English Absorbent Glass Mat battery) is a type of lead-acid batteries. Within such a battery separator is made of fiberglass (in the form of a Mat) so there is no risk of leakage of electrolyte, the device can operate in any position. The AGM batteries are resistant to vibration, shock and vibration and do not require the addition of water (same as gel batteries belong to the group of batteries, maintenance). They are also characterized by a lower internal resistance and a high level of maximum power. The great advantage of AGM batteries is the cold resistance and the ability to function effectively at low temperatures, making these devices ideal proposition for drivers. Battery technology AGM are also very durable, their lifespan may even be four times longer than other battery types.

The use of AGM batteries

The AGM type batteries are ideal for applications that require a quick, but relatively light current. So it is often used to start cars, especially those that have a system of "Start-Stop", the battery is forced to run again and extinguish the engine at the same track. Well suited to run motors with larger current consumption, that is, for example, for SUVs. In addition, batteries with a Mat of fiberglass is also used as a starting element in emergency power systems UPS, which represent protection in the event of any interruption in the supply of electricity from the network. The AGM batteries can be used in cyclic operation (as an Autonomous power source, for example, in Golf carts, cash registers, or mowers, etc.) as buffer (catering, runs in special cases - for example, in alarm systems or the systems of emergency power supply). It is worth remembering that in systems (e.g. in vehicles), where it was originally installed rechargeable AGM battery, do not place other types of batteries!

Proper use of AGM batteries

Batteries AGM technology are very stable on large time money power, low temperature, impacts and shocks. Also bezwyciekowe and maintenance, therefore, their operation is very easy and simple. One has only to remember that the equipment is relatively sensitive to deep discharge (although the high-end models, the stability is close to that desired for gel batteries). So you should always monitor the battery charge level and, if necessary, charge it to the required level, allowing you to extend the service life of the device and prevent damage.

What are the AGM batteries you will find in our offer?

In this category we offer a wide selection of batteries AGM, created in Poland brand Green Cell. Models are available with 12 V (standard voltage for passenger cars) and 6 Volts (popular value of the voltage in the backup power systems UPS). We offer batteries with capacity of 7 Ah, 7.2 Ah, 9 Ah, 12 Ah and 18 Ah. All devices are available in this section have been designed and manufactured with the highest degree of care for every detail, so you can be sure of a reliable and efficient performance for a long time.