Battery AGM

AGM batteries are one of the energy sources that are used in appliances that need fast and short term electricity, but in large quantities. This is why they are often used as one of the starting elements in passenger cars. They are also used in emergency power supply installations and prove to be indispensable in the case of power outages from the power grid. They allow specific devices to continue working. They are maintenance-free, spill-resistant and appreciated for their above-average durability. AGM batteries have a high level of maximum power, can operate in more difficult conditions, in low and high temperatures. It does not matter what position they are in. They can be used in devices that are exposed to vibrations and shocks. Check our proposals of AGM batteries, which we recommend for cyclic and buffer operation. Individual models differ in capacity, which is one of the key parameters when choosing a suitable AGM battery.

Area covered by AGM batteries

AGM batteries belong to the group of lead-acid batteries. Inside each battery there is a special separator, which is made of glass fibre. This is needed to prevent electrolyte leakage. This makes it possible for the AGM battery to work properly and safely in any position. There is no need to add water to it, it is a maintenance-free battery and also very well able to cope with harsh environmental conditions, where there are vibrations and shocks. AGM batteries are exceptionally resistant to cold, so they can operate at low temperatures and maintain their technical parameters. So they are a great proposal for drivers, they found their application in the automotive industry. Noteworthy is also the long life of AGM batteries, it is even 4 times longer than that of other types of batteries.

AGM batteries are used where fast and relatively shallow current consumption is required. This makes them ideal for starting passenger cars, especially those with Start-Stop systems. In such vehicles we often start and extinguish the engine in very short intervals, which adversely affects its efficiency. AGM batteries are also used in UPS emergency power supply systems, as a protection in case of possible power cuts. Moreover, they can be found in golf carts and mowers, as well as in alarm systems. If an AGM battery is installed in the device or vehicle at the factory, no other type of battery should be used interchangeably.

Use of AGM batteries

Like any other battery, the AGM should be used according to certain rules. Only then will we make use of its full potential and be able to use it for a long time. These batteries are very durable and resistant to many environmental factors. They can cope with high momentary current consumption, shock, impact and low temperature. However, it is important to know that these batteries are not completely free of defects, because they do not react well to deep discharges, so you should control their level of charge. If necessary, recharge the battery.

Feel free to check out our offer. We offer AGM batteries of the Polish brand Green Cell with a voltage of 12 V and 6 V. In addition, we have batteries with different capacities: 7 Ah, 7.2 Ah, 9 Ah, 12 Ah and 18 Ah. Each of the batteries in our offer is distinguished by a very good workmanship, careful finishing, work safety, durability and high quality components. Customers appreciate our AGM batteries for their long, trouble-free operation regardless of conditions. The guarantee of no leaks, resistance to low temperatures, shocks and impacts. This also means easy use and full maintenance-free battery.