Arduino Nano series - original tiles

Arduino is a well-known Italian manufacturer who introduced Arduino Nano as one of the smallest boards after the great success of a bigger Arduino Uno board. Because of its small size, Arduino Nano board is an ideal component for small projects of electronic devices - such as automatics, toys, robots, detectors etc. Moreover, it can also be used to create interesting loT projects and home-based circuits. For that matter, Nano boards can be used as a perfect tool for beginners in programming of embedded systems as well as for experienced programmers. Depending on the model, Nano boards may work with Atmega 168 and Atmega 328p microcontrollers. Arduino Nano board has gained popularity due to simplicity of use, compatibility and versatility. Appreciated both by the amateurs and professionals, it is a perfect tool for working on interesting projects and developing cooperation. Because of its good reputation, the producer has also proposed the Arduino Nano Iot 33, which is the next step forward in a technological development!

Meet Arduino Uno's little brother!

After the success of the Arduino Uno board, a smaller Arduino Nano board was introduced , which, despite its small size, still offers a wide range of configuration possibilities. Similarly to Arduino Uno, it uses a different type of microcontrollers. Among several possibilities, there is a board using microcontroller Atmega328 with 16MHz clock, or Atmega4089 with 20 MHz clock.

The latest boards equipped with sensors use nRF52480 with 64MHz clock. The manufacturer has also introduced boards designed for IoT applications with Microchip SAMD21G18A microcontroller with 48MHz clock. The board requires 3.3V or 5.0V power supply, and the ACD placed on the board allows to read voltages from 0V to 5V with 10-bit resolution. Depending on the version, the built-in FLASH memory holds 16kB or 32kB of data, of which 2kB is occupied by the bootloader.

Communication with the computer is performed via micro USB port. There are 14 configurable binary pins in the PCB outputs, which include: 6 pins providing PWM signal, 8 analog pins, 2 RESET pins and 6 pins responsible for supplying power to the PCB and devices associated with it.

Arduino Nano - small board, great possibilities!

The small size of Arduino Nano is also its strongest advantage. Because of this feature, Nano board perfectly fulfills its function in applications where small physical space is a limitation. Therefore, Arduino Nano can be used for a wide range of embedded system applications where, in addition to the hardware and software parameters, saving space is also very important.

For these reasons, Arduino Nano can be a great alternative to larger microcontroller boards, such as Arduino Uno and many others. Nano boards are ideal for applications such as real-time face recognition video systems, metal detectors, medical sensors, industrial automatics systems and robots. Moreover, Arduino Nano is a great tool to cooperate with Virtual Reality applications, GSM devices and a broad range of Android applications. To summarize, Arduino Nano board is highly versatile in use and will be perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of embedded applications.

Discover the world of possibilities with Arduino Nano 33 IoT Board!

Arduino Nano is appreciated by both hobbyists and professionals because of its undeniable advantages, which include simplicity of use, small size and technological advancement. As a result of this popularity another version of the board was introduced by the manufacturer - Nano 33 Iot. It works on the ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller and is equipped with the ESP32 wireless communication module, which supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. The board is also equipped with ATECC608A circuit, which enables secure data exchange with external devices. The board is equipped with a built-in voltage converter, which allows to supply the board with voltage up to 21V. This feature makes it possible to apply energy- consuming devices and prevents them from heating up. Arduino Nano 33 Iot is an ideal tool for all those who work on the most comprehensive projects such as creating advanced simulations of the living space or the kettle start-up system after entering the property.