The Arduino series is NKR - original tiles

Arduino Uno is very popular worldwide among people who want to learn the secrets embedded systems, and for professionals for whom prototyping of electronics and software is our daily bread. While the Arduino Uno is known for its versatility in various projects of devices and applications, the manufacturer offers a series of tiles Arduino NKR, which were developed with the idea of rapidly developing technologies the Internet of things (IoT). Tile Arduino NKR is a combination of a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, combined with friendly service, even for less experienced craftsmen.

Arduino MICRO - an ideal solution for IoT projects

Tile Arduino NKR represent an excellent tool for rapid prototyping IoT projects, both for Amateurs and professionals working in electronics and programming. What distinguishes the tiles of the NKR from the standard Arduino Uno tiles are their size, which is equal to 45 x 18 mm. NKR All tiles have the same number of ports of inputs/outputs number of 22, 12 of them logical conclusions allows you to generate the PWM signal, and a separate 7 findings represent the analog inputs and one analog output. One of the main benefits of tiles Arduino NKR is their built-in wireless connectivity several ways, providing the user a wide range of solutions for remote collaborative work control devices and Executive.

Extensive communication options

All MKR Arduino based on a 32-bit database SAMD21 Cortex-M0+. The heart of the Arduino MKR, with a clock frequency of an external signal with a frequency of 48MHz, and has a built-in, high-precision real-time clock with frequency of 32.768 kHz. On Board we find the memory SRAM and 32 KB FLASH memory with capacity of 256 KB. Most of the services through the store Botland tiles NKR Arduino has built-in communication modules wi-fi and GSM, and allows you to communicate via IoT technologies, network narrowband Lora and SigFox. Although tile Arduino NKR smaller in size relative to the tiles Arduino Uno, it is still responsible to work with hardware extensions in the form of an Arduino Shield. Connect the external plates Arduino Shield for Arduino MKR, also allows for communication between devices cooperating with each other via Ethernet and CAN.

Arduino MICRO - tooling tailored to advanced applications

Tile NKR 485 gives the user the ability to transfer data through RS-485 Protocol. Another interesting offer is the MD Vidor4000, which is the first Arduino Board equipped with a FPGA system - matrix of logic elements that can be programmed appropriately for Your application. Tile MKR1000 provides connectivity through wi-fi using WINC1500 chip IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and provides data transmission speeds at the level of 72Mb/s. In turn, from the tile MD 1400 GSM is based on the popular module SARAU201, you will be able to make calls in the GSM standard. A great choice for those who already have experience with Arduino Uno microcontroller based 8-bit, and want to start learning the intricacies of the hardware and software of embedded systems using microcontrollers, 32-bit, will the tile NKR Zero. Built-in serial interface I2C and UART and SPI, slot for memory cards microSD, USB connector for communication with the computer, some of the common elements that connect plate NKR Arduino with the Arduino Uno plates. By purchasing a tile MKR FOX 1200, you will be able to carry out projects of devices exchanging messages among themselves through the network of SigFox, but currently only in Europe. Using this tile, you can for 1 year subscribe to the messages in the network of SigFox, and use location services Spot it for free.