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3D printing is a modern production technique in which an object is shaped by stacking slices of material. With this technology, businesses around the world can easily create prototypes of their products. 3D printing has been used for thirty years in the automotive, toy, jewelry, and other industries. offers a large variety of 3D printers at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a solid and easy to use device, check Velleman printers. With 40 years of experience, this Belgian company specializes in producing high-quality 3D printers and accessories at fair prices. In 2013, Velleman presented its first open-source 3D printer kit called K8200. Now the company offers more products which you can find in this category. Do you want to buy a 3D printer, but your budget is limited? Then check Velleman DIY 3D printer kits available at our shop. Such kits consist of separate parts, which you will have to assemble to create a 3D printer. Browser our catalog to find a device that suits your needs.


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3D printing - a production technique for everyone

3D printing is a production method where one creates a physical object based on a digital file. The technique is also called additive manufacturing. With Velleman 3D printer available at, you can create various 3D items such as ornaments, toys, tools, structural parts, or jewelry. The latest generation of Velleman 3D printers provides endless possibilities because now everyone can design and print real objects. With the Velleman 3D printer kit, you can easily assemble your own 3D printer. Such a device makes it possible to create small objects. The Velleman K8400 can build 3D objects with a maximum size of 200 x 190 x 180 mm. It uses a 1,75 mm thick solid plastic filament composed of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polylactic acid (PLA). Velleman 3D printers are very accurate, even at high speed. Also, they are compatible with RepRap, CuraEngine, repeater, and Slic3r software. With so many options and features available, the possibilities of creation are almost endless. Using Velleman 3D printers, you can build a robot parts, an airplane, a cup, a toy for your dog, shoes, mobile phone case, bracelet, chess piece, a small model of the cathedral, and many more! The time necessary to finish a particular object varies according to its size and complexity. For example, it takes approximately 30 minutes to print a mobile phone case. The K8400, K8600, and K8800 are three-dimensional Velleman printers capable of transferring your digital project to the real world. All these models are available at at reasonable prices.

Advantages of Velleman 3D printers

Velleman is an experienced Belgian manufacturer of 3D printer kits. The company has been 3 times nominated for Trends Gazelle for its rapid growth. Why choose the Velleman 3 D printer? At our store, you will find several models of these devices. Each product passes exact quality control and is made from top-quality materials. What is more, Velleman has its own graphics department and is always present at critical 3D events worldwide. Also, Velleman 3D printers have many useful features that make printing more exciting and pleasant.

Vertex Delta available at our shop will be a perfect solution for people who want to print detailed objects. Most of the Velleman devices from our catalog are delivered in DIY kits, which means that short and simple assembly is needed before a printer can work. Velleman’s company idea is to make the 3D printers accessible to everyone at fair prices. This fast and reliable technology with many advantages is a true revolution in product manufacturing. 3D printing kits available at are easy to assemble and allow to create a high-quality 3D printer. Kits such as the K8400 Vertex 3D printer will meet the expectations of both professional designers and amateur enthusiasts. Activate your creativeness and buy one of Velleman 3D printers available at our catalog. We offer reasonable prices, professional consulting, and fast shipping. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our advisors will help you buy the best 3D printer according to your needs.