3D printer Velleman

The market for 3D printers in a short time has grown to epic proportions. We have a variety of devices, more or less famous brands. In these latter include, Velleman. The Belgian company, working for more than a bagatelle of 40 years on the market. Founded in 1975, still works and offers its customers high quality products at affordable prices. With sales offices in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. Shop Botland we offer 3D printer Velleman at attractive prices!


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Print surround each

The company's products Velleman allow with minimal costs to plunge into the world of print, surround sound. In our section of 3D Printer Velleman we offer proven devices at affordable prices. We take care to ensure that the offered range meet Your needs the most. Our technical Department consisting of electronics and diy with taste, ready to help in any situation, just email us. The circulation Department is making every effort to get Your orders need to send in the shortest possible time.

The growing popularity of printing territorial

From year to year together with lower prices of printing devices in 3D, we are dealing with the growing popularity of solutions and equipment for printing and development. An interesting example may be the case, a sea turtle, which is a result of a meeting with a screw of a motor boat, he lost part of the jaw and could not eat. Came to the aid of a company dedicated to 3D printing and made of special titanium alloy has fulfilled the partial loss of the jaw, so the turtle could return to the ocean. In our store you will find solutions for Amateurs and professionals, among other things, a 3D printer Velleman.

Why Velleman?

Company operating on the market for over 40 years, has its own Department of research and development for over thirty, export Department serving the whole world, with a sales office in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium, the Organization of procurement in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Quality control of each product, its own graphics Department and presence at the electronics show all around the world here are just some of the arguments in favor of selecting from our range that is of the 3D printer Velleman. Learn how experience influences the quality. We invite to purchases.