3D printer Zortrax

Are you looking for equipment for professionals? You need to print a precise project, which takes into account the smallest details? Maybe you want to try 3D printing of high quality? You navigate in purchases of Polish interests? All this 3D printer Zortrax. You will find them in our online store Botland! Check out our offer on the equipment of the Polish developer and support the home economy and Polish companies!


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The company history is a very interesting example of Polish entrepreneurship, the two founders with a good idea of the further development and success of the fundraising campaign. Turning point 2011-this is the moment in which the company began work on a 3D printer Zortrax M200, which was a huge success and received many awards and prizes. 3D printer Zortrax is today synonymous with precision and professionalism. The equipment of the domestic entrepreneur is used in many industries, including robotics, aviation or architecture.

Zortrax M200 model is?

In 2014, the model 3D Printer Zortrax M200 was recognized as the best printer the plug & play community 3D Hubs, and in 2015 Zortrax M200 will be recognized as the third-best 3D printer in Make Magazine. Equipment is available in our store under devices for all who rely on precision and reliability. Printer Zortrax can work for many hours, with very high accuracy. The printer can be equipped with additional accessories, such as HEPA-filter, which reduces deformation, eliminates odor and protects our health, determining from the air particles to a fraction of less than 100 nm.

Professionalism and accuracy

3D printer Zortrax is known for its accuracy and reliability. In assortment of our shop You will find several dozen device models the well-known manufacturer. Buying such equipment is a serious investment, but our technical Department is at Your disposal - it will definitely help you in choosing a suitable model and brings all the advantages of the selected device. Check out our offer and if in doubt, please email us! Join the ranks of our satisfied customers.