The switches of the array

In our product range there are switches in the array that are buttons suwakowymi. A choice of device which have different number of fields and the lever. Designed for vertical and horizontal PCB mounting. The switches of the array are used to control and change the current state in the electronic devices. By moving the slider to close the circuit, which occurs as a result of the connection of pairs of contacts. This, in turn, causes the reaction is finished, for example the launch of the device or call the effect light. All the switches have terminal pitch equal to 2.54 mm. If you are in any doubt as to which switch to choose, we invite you to contact our technical Department.


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

How to choose the right switch?

Due to the number of products that you can find, the problem with the choice of a suitable course, will appear. Welcome to contact us – we would be happy to help. When deciding on the purchase, you must determine which element we need, so select it from the standpoint of technical characteristics as well as its purpose. Important and the method of processing, i.e., the state change device, for example, On-On or On-Off, and a method of installation. In addition, you need to pay attention to the insights of the raster, the maximum switching current and the size of the housing. It is also important the location of the switch, for example, on the upper part of the body, as well as the material from which it was made.


Switches are an integral part of everyday life, despite the fact that we don't usually pay attention. Today few breeds in the house every thing factors first to see how it works. Such switches and we are everywhere: in televisions, radio, safety razor. Even an ordinary hair dryer includes the element. It's not enough that he may cause the option to turn on / off the device, additionally, you may control various functions of the subject, for example, adjustment radiomagnetofonu. Without him we would not be able to switch the radio to the CD player, and this is the main issue when listening to music in the car.