3D printer Snapmaker

Nowadays, 3D prints can become everyone's property. These devices are no longer big and expensive. One of the best-known brands in the 3D industry is the Snapmaker. The company has been caught in the spotlight of attention, because of the excellent crowdfunding campaign started in 2019. Their design achieved its funding goal in less than one minute, making Snapmaker 2.0 3D printer one of the most popular projects in the history of Kickstarter. Snapmaker created a hybrid of CNC cutter, laser etcher, and 3D printer all in one machine. These three separate functions make it a perfect tool for small-scale work. Modular design and straightforward assembly are testimonials to a company that has a clear objective. Snapmaker provides an affordable solution for designers looking for more than plastic 3D printing. This printer can also broaden your world of DIY. is the official distributor of Snapmaker devices and high-quality accessories. Check our large selection of 3D printers and pick up the one that matches your expectations.


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3D printing - an extraordinary technology

3D printing technology (or so-called additive manufacturing) is now a commonly used production method in which an object is built layer by layer from a certain material. This is exactly how Snapmaker 3D printers work. Imagine a very precise glue gun that puts one coat of glue at a time. As soon as the first layer is dry, a new one is placed on top and a 3D model is slowly created. Instead of glue, the printer uses plastic or one of the other possible materials - but plastic is the most common. Today, desktop 3D printers are relatively cheap but yet exact and fast. There are many applications where 3D printing technology can be implemented. A 3D printer can be used to print such items as hooks, vases, utensils, lamps and toothbrush holders, pencils, etc. One of the main advantages of rapid prototyping is its high-speed performance, which is much better than traditional manufacturing methods. Additive manufacturing is sometimes called "single-step manufacturing." Why? Because all you have to do is to design an object, upload the file to your 3D printer and wait till the 3D model is ready. Snapmaker printers available at are one of the fastest desktop 3D devices. It doesn't matter if the shape is very complex or not. Snapmaker 3D printer will create any object you want!

Snapmaker 3in1 hybrid

Available at our store, Snapmaker 3in1 3D printer comes with many additional features. Its modular construction consists of CNC carving and cutting module, laser engraving module, 3D printing module, heated bed, colorful touchscreen, and all-metal main body. Sturdy, aluminum-alloy frame reduces vibrations harmful to printouts, and its installation is fast and straightforward. CNC module allows you to carve in wood, acrylic, PCB, and jade but also cut carbon fiber sheet. Our store also offers an additional Laser Cutting Module with which you can quickly upgrade your 3D printer. It allows slicing material such as wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, etc. Additionally, Snapmaker comes with easy and free dedicated software called Snapmaker Luban. It will help you prepare models before uploading them to the device. What is more, Snapmaker is also compatible with software like Cura, Simplify3D, or Slic3r.

Large users' community

A significant advantage of Snapmaker is its large users' community. Get inspired by 10k active users and share your ideas and questions any time you want. You will undoubtedly receive a quick response after publishing a post in the group. A dynamic community of Snapmaker fans is also active at Thingiverse Forum, where you can find useful 3D models and guidebooks. is an official partner of Snapmaker. That's why you can be certain that our technical support will help you buy the most suitable 3D for your needs.