3D printer Snapmaker

Every fan of technical innovations and gadgets knows 3D printer Snapmaker. Our shop is the official distributor of these devices, so buying from us, you get the guarantee of original equipment and high quality accessories. These printers broke the absolute record during its debut in 2017. During the Kickstarter campaign were collected based in the budget of 50 000$ in 5 minutes. Customers trust us and the manufacturer amazing confidence and were not disappointed. Because a 3D printer Snapmaker stand out among other not only their appearance and simple controls, but also a number of functions. This is no ordinary 3D printer is a device that not only saves our time, time consuming collecting wood, living in the little details, but also money, since you don't need to entrust it to others. What are we talking about?


Filament - material
Filament - diameter:
3D - print surface
3D - type of printout
3D - printing speed
3D - printing thickness
3D - material amount
3D - accuracy of printing
3D - nozzle temp
3D - table temp.
3D - filament diameter

Printing, engraving and CNC in one

Why buy 3 separate vessels, or to choose only one, and it's not cheaper if it can be 3 in 1? We are talking about a 3D printer Snapmaker that connect to print in 3D engraving and milling. Snapmaker different print incredibly detailed, accurate and of high quality. We can print items of plastic the size of 125x125x125 mm. in addition, there is also the Frezer CNC that allows you to work with materials such as wood, acrylic, PCB and other materials from soft to medium hardness. As if that wasn't enough, 3D printers Snapmaker also allow engraving. Thus, if you want to somehow personalize your masterpiece, you can use the LM on surfaces such as wood, cardstock, leather, plastic and many other materials.

Simple design and rich equipment

These words can characterize a 3D printer Snapmaker. It is constructed from metal, making it stable and accurate device. It has a modular design, so that we will be able to make her own. It will take us about 10 minutes. Implausible? It may seem that this is a complicated process, but this printer consists of 10 items that we just have to put things together. It is a huge relief, and even novice people will quickly cope with this. Even the head of a module, so no problem, we can replace it. Moreover, a 3D printer Snapmaker have a touch screen, so in a simple and modern way we can manage and monitor its work. The manufacturer has thought about their customers and the printer includes software where you can design structures in 3D and it works with software from other manufacturers, for example, chicken or Simplyfy 3D. Complete 3D printer Snapmaker we'll find the USB cable because that way transferring data. In addition, the kit we receive goggles, one sample filamentu.