3D printer Dobot

The spatial print some time ago was just an invention of the filmmakers that creates movie s-f. In 1984, Chuck hull developed the first method of 3D printing called Stereolitografią (SLA). Later the time has come for the following print methods (FDM or SLS. While in 2006, Adrian Bowyer founded the RepRap project, the purpose of which was to create a machine that would be able to itself to copy, that would diametralne cost reduction and access for those interested. 3D printer Dobot is our offer for every lover of electronics and diy.


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Print spatial

Currently, there are several methods of 3D printing, which differ from each other dramatically and gives new possibilities of their use. The most popular types of printing FDM, i.e. the thermoplastic material is squeezed through a nozzle. MJP is a method of deposition of thin layers światłoutwardzalnego photo polymer. CJP is painted from the palette CMYK gypsum powder, SLS is melting thin layers of powder using laser. DMLS is a variation of the SLS so that the powder metal and Binder Jetting, i.e. the connection with the liquid binder metal powders or sand. 3D printer Dobot available in our store, use the FDM method.

Dobot Mooz

Dobot is a thoughtful decisions with customer expectations. The 3D printer build Dobot according to the manufacturer, takes ten minutes and thanks to their flexible design. This makes it easy to transport this device or its extension to additional modules. Mooz model with interchangeable parts and głowicom can easily transform into three different devices. The first mode with a single vertical axis is the most efficient mode, Mode with dual axles and most accurate in a Delta 3D we have the ability to print multicolor.

Proven quality

Through the use of linear guides and motor industrial-class 3D printers Dobot offer print accuracy is up to 0.02 mm, and the control precision up to 0.005 mm. Aluminum construction is not only non-trivial design, but also stability and reducing vibration. LCD display looks like a smartphone allows accurate control of the project. File transfer is via USB cable, U-disk or Wi-Fi. Model Mooz work with the top programs, like Cura, Slic3r Printrun whether.