3D printer Prusa

All those interested in spatial font heard the name Prusa. Czech Amateur and master, the founder of locust Research, the person-a legend since 2009, when he found his passion for 3D printing is constantly evolving. We invite you to familiarize with our offer on the device and accessories are one of the renowned manufacturers of the printing equipment in a 3D world. In case of doubts or any questions can contact our technical Department which is at Your constant disposal.


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Printing space.

Print space-a is the production of three-dimensional physical objects on the basis of a model made in a computer program. In the beginning, the shape of this print, and served mainly for rapid prototyping, but with the spread of this technology in the market and a gradual increase in the precision of print, has become a method for the manufacture of finished products, for example, using a 3D printer Prusa. Today's precision allows you to print even complex projects, such as joint replacement (human and animal).

The history of 3D printing in a nutshell.

Printing technique surround its origins in 1984, that is, thirty-five years ago. In the world of technology is a completely different era. In 1986, Charles hull, who developed the first methods of printing SLA, founded the company 3D Systems and began selling the first 3D printer. Only in 2006, Dr. Adrian Bowyer of the RepRap project thanks designed for home users upowszechnił print volume wide range of consumers. There was once a voice that 3D printing can be used for printing of weapons outside the control of the law. A successful attempt of such a conclusion was made by the group Defense Distributed. However, home printers, such as 3D printer Prusa, do not allow printing on the metal parts and they would be accurate enough for proper operation.

Print surround sound is becoming more and more widely used.

We have in our offer 3D printer Prusa, among other things, model Prusa I3, which offer high print quality, they are reliable and durable. They give a lot of opportunities in medicine, science, research or education. Printed prostheses, new equipment for hospitals or equipment for physicians and residents. A good example of using a 3D printer Prusa I3 available in our online store, for example, doctors from IKEM in Prague, who use it to print internal organs before surgery to better assess the body, and give patients organs for transplantation may obtain a copy on the memory. As you can see, 3D printing has been used increasingly and is getting better and better. Check out our offer on 3D printer and see for yourself how wonderful technology.