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3D printing is a technology in which an object is built layer by layer. The 3D printer works similarly to a regular printer that applies ink to paper. The only difference is that an object is being built in 3D, so one extra dimension (height) is added. Imagine a computer-controlled glue gun that puts one layer of glue at a time. When the first layer dries, a new one is placed on top and gradually the 3D object is created. It can take minutes or hours. If you want to print real objects, check the large selection of Anet 3D printers presented in this category. Businesses today mainly use 3D printing for the production of prototypes and models. It is estimated that more than 80 % of all printers is used to make models of products. It’s done as part of product development to assess the shape, design, size, durability, etc. In some industries, 3D printing is used to produce finished products that are used in very low quantities. 3D printing is also an important technology for creating customized products.


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Why choose 3D printer Anet?

If you want to buy a 3D printer, but don't know which one to choose, check Anet 3D printers. Anet is an innovative brand that offers 3D printers at competitive prices.

In this category, you will find fully assembled 3D printers as well as DIY kits, which you will have to assemble yourself. Anet offers devices for those who want to start their 3D printing adventure without breaking the bank. More experienced designers will also find Anet printers useful because these machines can be easily improved. What is more, Anet 3D printers provide outstanding print quality. DIY kits from Anet are very easy to assemble because of prefabricated parts that fit together easily. An installation manual will help you during the assembling process.

The Anet offers 3D printers accessible to everyone, especially beginners. The print quality makes it possible to create jewelry, toys, occasional items, or even mechanical components.

It is very simple to print with an Anet 3D printer. When you turn the device on, choose various parameters from its screen. Once all the settings have been made, select “Print file” from the menu.

3D printing technology

With Anet 3D printer it’s possible to create objects of all types, from prototypes to simple parts. For example, you can design, create, and 3D print toys for your child.

If you are a novice in 3D printing, the capabilities of Anet 3D printers will meet your expectations. The print quality is really good and its printing precision is perfect for decorative objects. The price/quality ratio is excellent and perfectly suited for personal use.

3D printing has the advantage of being very economical thanks to a shortened design process. Unlike traditional manufacturing techniques, there is no assembly needed, which makes creation faster by eliminating labor and numerous intermediaries. People who use this process can go directly from the idea to the object in a few hours, not several weeks. This ability to reduce production time and cost is attracting more and more people who are now integrating this technology into their design process. With Anet 3D printers it possible to visualize any object in three dimensions. Thus, you will be able to check your ideas. As a private person, you can use 3D prints for prototypes, models, and sculptures. The possibilities are almost endless!

Anet 3D printers were designed for people who want to experiment with 3D and create small objects, mainly for home use. With print time up to 120 mm / s, it is possible to produce the desired item in a short time and enjoy its features. Moreover, Anet printers are very simple to use, so they’re a perfect choice for beginners and electronics enthusiasts. However, these devices can also handle small professional projects. Check the large selection of Anet 3D printers available in this section and choose the one that will meet your expectations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.