Creality 3D printer

If you are looking for a proven and low-cost 3D printer is the equipment of the company Creality be for You at the time. We offer proven models like CR-10, with a good reputation among users as a professional model DP-002 at a cost of several tens of thousands of rubles, allowing you to print even models dental. Currently, if we look at sales of printers in the network, we note that the leader is the printer Creality model Ender 3, which we also offer but we recommend that you model in PRO version.


Filament - material
Filament - diameter:
3D - print surface
3D - type of printout
3D - printing speed
3D - printing thickness
3D - material amount
3D - accuracy of printing
3D - nozzle temp
3D - table temp.
3D - filament diameter

The world of printing, surround sound.

Multifunctional and precise large 3D printer diy. This motto is promoted by the manufacturer on its web site, the company, which was founded in 2014 it is called exactly Creality 3D Technology Shenzhen Co. Ltd specializiruetsya on designing and selling 3D printers. Lideruje in the number of sold devices based on our family sites. The company boasts that it sells annually about half a million pieces, has a production space of over 20 thousand. m2 with four lines and more than 500 employees. 3D printer Creality is a high quality equipment at attractive prices, but in our offer we have a wide variety of models of this manufacturer and many others.

A wide variety that everyone found something for themselves.

In search of a printer to start the adventure with 3D printing, is to look at Creality 3D printer that you will find in our store. Through the popular model of the Ender 3 to until after the professional DP-002. We have in stock, many models from this manufacturer, but also many other, we offer you to browse our extensive range of goods, and in case of doubt or questions, please contact our technical Department, where people who themselves are printed in space, will gladly help and advise.

A helping hand in the world of 3D.

Choosing Creality 3D printer available we have many models at different prices. Should have specific hardware requirements, in the event of contact with our customer support easier to choose the right model. We have the equipment that can print with a precision of 0.02 mm, has a temperature on the nozzle to 260 degrees and 110 degrees to your desktop. It all depends on our expectations and the purpose of the device, but remember, the higher the requirements the higher the price.