Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi Zero

Model Zero Pi is the smallest computer the Raspberry Pi family. It has two micro USB port, one of which is used to power the tiles, and the second for communication with peripheral devices. Online store Botland offers a wide selection of quality computer accessories USB to Your Raspberry Pi Zero. In this category you will find the keyboard and mouse, wifi card, USB hubs and other USB devices such as Bluetooth modules, sound cards, controllers, games and more. To fully use the potential of modern micro-computer Raspberry Pi is Zero, you have to purchase additional computer accessories USB. In the same way as in the case of a classical computer you will need a keyboard and mouse, network card, Wi-Fi and other additives such as, for example, speakers. Some of the accessories needed to use this small computer, while others are only optional. We invite you to see the range of computer USB accessories available in the catalog of our online store Botland. We guarantee attractive prices and a large selection of products.