Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi Zero

It is the only such microcomputer that enjoys excellent support in both software and peripheral devices. Raspberry Pi can be considered as one of the most interesting inventions of recent years, which was created for programmers and those who are just beginning their extraordinary adventure with programming. Everything in this device is small in size, except, of course, for its capabilities and scope of use. Compressed to the minimum size elements make Raspberry Pi the size of a credit card. It must be admitted that the producers have perfectly understood the needs of their potential customers from the very beginning, i.e. from 2012, when Raspberry first appeared on the market. Each subsequent model offers additional extensions and even more possibilities. Raspberry Pi is distinguished by an extensive connector system, as well as very simple operation, which even an amateur programmer can handle. You will create more advanced projects thanks to dedicated modular overlays, which will be useful for professional, hobby and teaching purposes. There are also plenty of accessories such as mice, keyboards and speakers that you can connect to your USB ports.

Basic USB accessories for Raspberry Pi that are well known to everyone

If you've ever had to deal with an ordinary PC, you know that you need a keyboard and a mouse to work on it and perform even basic tasks. We connect them to the computer using USB connectors, this is also the case with Raspberry Pi. Our products are made of durable and high-quality materials and come in several variants. Both the mouse and the keyboard come in a wired form, i.e. to be connected via USB, as well as in a wireless form, using Bluetooth technology and radio transmission at 2.4GHz.

For those who appreciate the visual features of Raspberry Pi accessories, as well as for those who spend a lot of time with their Raspberry Pi, also in the evening and even at night, we recommend keyboards with backlight. Thanks to this additional function, the keys remain visible regardless of the lighting conditions in the room, and we can also enjoy the impressive look of our programming and entertainment centre. Both keyboards and mice are available in different colours. It is important that all pieces of equipment match to each other. They are definitely better and more pleasant to work on.

Expand the possibilities of your Raspberry Pi with USB accessories!

Keyboard and mouse are basic accessories that you can connect to your Raspberry Pi via USB or wireless, depending on your choice and your own preferences and needs. But that's not all your Raspberry could be equipped with. The 3.5mm analogue TRS connector allows you to connect headphones and stereo speakers. It's for fans of music and good vibes, and nowadays there are plenty of those. If you consider Raspberry Pi to be a typical mobile device, think about Bluetooth speakers, which also have an FM radio built-in. This will allow you to listen to music and share it with others in the open air. The Bluetooth speaker can be powered by both the battery and the USB connector, so it will work in virtually all conditions.

Would you like to use more extensive audio applications? In this case, choose one of our proposed sound cards providing high-quality sound. They are connected using a USB connector. The cards work on the basis of Virtual7.1 system. They have a set of necessary analogue and digital connectors. You can enjoy it for listening to music, but also use it for recording at 16-bit resolution. For game fans, we have prepared an offer of controllers that emulate Nintendo consoles. They communicate with Raspberry using a USB port. Our offer also includes Bluetooth modules that improve the quality of communication between Raspberry Pi and external devices.