GPIO extension and lining HAT for Raspberry Pi a Zero

Platform Raspberry Pi for several years the sales leader among mini-computer jednopłytkowych, which has won recognition in the wider community, including artists, students and teachers of technical universities and engineers, specializing in prototypowaniu professional electronics. In 2015 the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced a Pi of Zero, which is still the smallest among the "toys". However, its small size-it is only an appearance, as evidenced by at least a 1 GHz processor and we know from the larger models strap GPIO pins, to which you can connect a separate electronic components, and systems implementation. Main features minikomputera Raspberry Pi can be significantly extended by using the proposed in this category lining HAT, which is Pinout compatible with the Raspberry Pi is a Zero of V. thus, you can create, in particular, the driver of the CNC machine with LCD display and integrated wireless communication system that supports mobile networks.