Camera for Raspberry Pi is Zero

Series Raspberry Pi is a real bestseller among minicomputers jednopłytkowych available on the market. A powerful processor, embedded operating system, numerous community helpful, providing technical support and many other advantages, of course, speak for the fact to buy it. An important element, which is famous for the Raspberry Pi, is the set of GPIO pins, which the user can connect various extensions, hardware, and CSI connector for camera module. Both elements are also armed with the smallest of the "toys" – PI Zero V. If you want to build a system of monitoring of industrial or you are interested in macro photography in nature, will be of interest to You a little anecdote modules for Raspberry Pi Zero that provide a smooth capture of high resolution images. In offer we have also an aesthetic and practical case tape wieloprzewodowe and modules, backlight, thanks to which you will be able to take great photos at night. We invite you to familiarize with our offer.