Camera for Raspberry Pi is Zero

It all started in 2012 when the first Raspberry appeared on the market. In 2019, we lived to see its next release, the Raspberry Pi 4th generation. With each subsequent improvement, the minicomputer surprised its fans, so did this time. It is used by both programming amateurs, as well as robotics lovers and those who focus their interests on building computer circuits. Raspberry Pi provides a wide range of possibilities and is used in many areas, which we owe, among others, to additional peripheral devices, including cameras, which are available in our offer. They are especially useful for people who plan to use Raspberry to create a modern monitoring system. In addition to cameras, there are numerous accessories available in the shop, which will make the system even more efficient, smarter and more effective. The cameras and accessories are dedicated to the Raspberry Pi 4B, with which they are fully compatible. They cooperate very well with the device.

The smart system with modern cameras and Raspberry Pi 4B

Despite its identical appearance to the previous model, Raspberry Pi 4B stands out with its improved interior. It uses a Broadcom 2711 processor with a stable 4-core chip. Their great advantage is the ability to work at high frequency, up to 1.5 GHz. You can choose a version with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB memory. Also noteworthy are more efficient graphics and a noticeably more efficient communication interface. In this case, it is of great importance because it affects the image quality of the connected camera. In addition, it has a positive effect on the time it takes for the image to be ripped onto other media. If you want to create a monitoring system, decide on the version of the device that best meets your expectations. We offer a wide range of sets that feature the ability to record images at very high resolutions. You can also expect excellent HD quality. Thanks to its sensitivity to infrared cut-off filters, the camera is able to record even in more difficult conditions, i.e. with limited light and in the dark.

Individual cameras differ in parameters that should be taken into account when choosing them, paying attention to their final purpose. What should be of particular interest to you is the focal length of the lens, the size of the image sensor, the maximum viewing angle, and the maximum resolution of the sensor. The cameras are also easy to install, so you can make your own system, responsible for the safety of you, your family and valuable items in the building. The cameras are also used in other areas. They are excellent for various scientific and technical experiments and can be additional devices for drones.

Accessories for even better image quality

Our cameras meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The shop offers models for less specialized DIY enthusiasts as well as for experienced scientists and programmers. In addition, we have a number of additional accessories that support image quality and allow you to expand the functionality of the camera. The cameras have mounting holes for easy connection of power supply to the LEDs. With these extras, you can also adjust the focus of the image better using special overlays using USB and lenses. There are also ribbons with adapters that will be useful during installation. They allow for mounting the camera up to 300 mm from the unit.

We introduce a wide range of cameras for Raspberry Pi with different parameters, which are perfect for creating monitoring systems, as well as as a drone camera or equipment for technical experiments. In addition, you can use a number of additional accessories to make the camera easy to mount and improve image quality. Discover even more of the possibilities of the popular Raspberry that is still full of undiscovered potential. Look what else it can do!