Connectors krokodylkowe

Workshop electronics for the current connect different things. A connection between two modules, equipped with special connectors or connection sensor, which is equipped with plug simple as you want to quickly connect two insulated wires, or to connect a signal to a fragment of metal or aluminum foil... some problems arise. Of course, this is not the problem can not be solved – just use the connector krokodylkowe. It's just a type of connector that allows to connect a signal to objects of various shapes.


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Products by page

Products by page

Universal connectors krokodylkowe required in any workshop

Connectors krokodylkowe useful in any electronics workshop. With their help you can easily capture, for example, the output of the battery or feet selectable element in the housing for installation, the problems (and even SMD, if we have, respectively, a small crocodile or hooks). In our store crocodile is available in different sizes and adapters – cables which, on the one hand, the completed connector krokodylkowym, and on the other hand, the other connector – the common socket on the goldpin, oczkowym connector or plug, the socket or the plug for the power supply, so you can easily connect power to different systems.

A wide range of sizes and parameters of the connectors krokodylkowych

In our store you can find different types of krokodylków for installation on the cables, independently and at the factory based on different kinds of wires or adapters. Because of this, no doubt you will be able to choose the appropriate connector krokodylkowe, fill any niche in Your workshop. There is a small crocodile designed for connection of signals of small voltage and current, but also a huge crimper, designed to transmit high currents, even up to seventy amperes. Of course, nourishes even the most power consuming device in our workshop, electrical or electronic.

Colorful crocodile technique on the order in the workshop

Due to the color of the insulation on the connector krokodylkowym to avoid accidental short circuit. Krokodylek fully made of metal and the chance meeting of two such elements to the workbench can cause damage to the system or even fire in case of short circuit on the high voltage lines. However, this is not the only advantage of these colorful shells. Due to the fact that in our online store available versions of connectors krokodylkowych in different colors, it is possible to manufacture colored cables repair, which, undoubtedly, will allow you to maintain order at the stand of measurement. With different worlds each connection will be easily readable and clearly visible.

Adapters connectors krokodylkowe

In our store, in addition to the connectors krokodylkowych, you can find ready-made adapters, which on one hand have one or two connectors krokodylkowe, and on the other other connectors. We also goldpiny connectors – male or female – and the connector for the power supply. The store Botland you will find a large selection of adapters that are equipped with plugs and sockets for power supplies, making contact krokodylkowe can act as a source of food, how and where it is connected to the current receiver.