Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Zero

Mini-Computers the Raspberry Pi is a specialized electronic equipment, but like any electronic device used inappropriately or in unsuitable conditions, will give us sooner or later obedience. We try to meet the problems of a technical nature, and we offer You diverse packages for the Raspberry Pi Zero. To block their precious projects using our buildings and spend their precious time to further improve your system.

Products by page

Products by page

Raspberry PI

The platform is designed to support the study of computer science submitted on February 29, 2012 has gained much popularity than expected by the developers. Family Raspberry over time it began to grow and today it is difficult to call from the head of all the models. The latter marked the Quartet appeared in 2019. Continued popularity of model Zero and Zero V. Compact and powerful, ideal as home mini komputerek. After buying an enclosure for the Raspberry Pi safely Zero, it can be used in more severe conditions.

Small for special tasks

In our store affordable housing, appropriate jednopłytowego of the Raspberry Pi computer Zero. Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Zero are allowed to use a Raspberry Pi to Zero as a primary device, for example, home automation systems, where there is a need to control distributed motion sensors, humidity or temperature. After applying these sensors, we can remotely or via a scheduler to manage, for example, heating temperature control valve heating. The housing allows the device to cancel more difficult conditions for a long time.

Family Raspberry

In our store Botland available a full range of family devices the Raspberry Pi. From the first models to the last four. We also have a full range of accessories and kits for devices under the sign of the raspberry. Part of this includes, for example, Housing for the Raspberry Pi is Zero. Miniature computers the size of a credit card, or the card game version Zero are even more compact, which allows their use in inaccessible locations, such as miniature robots, or the control system. We invite all fans of tinkering and electronics to familiarize yourself with our rich offer families a Raspberry Pi.