Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Zero

This miniature computer has shaken the programming world. When it came on sale in 2012, it was immediately clear that it would be a frequent choice for both experienced and novice technology lovers. Raspberry Pi has dimensions similar to a credit card, but its potential in relation to its size is enormous. It is suitable for software learning as well as for building a smart home system or controlling basic indoor conditions. Raspberry Pi has a processor with RAM and many peripheral devices. We can customize the computer to our needs, as well as the purposes for which we use it. Raspberry Pi Zero is one of the manufacturer’s proposals that has become well-known primarily for its small size. The miniature Raspberry contains 512 MB RAM, and the Broadcom BCM2835 processor with 1 GHz clock frequency is responsible for its performance. It has a mini HDMI output that supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 frames/second. Two micro USB ports are also available. To make Raspberry look effective, it needs a case. You’ll find it in our shop.

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Products by page

Unique Raspberry Pi Zero. How is it different from its predecessors?

Raspberry Pi Zero made its debut in 2015, three years after the first Raspberry Pi was launched. During this time, major changes have taken place, and manufacturers have managed to get to know their customers’ preferences better, as well as to reach the deepest corners of their knowledge and technological capabilities. Raspberry Pi Zero has been equipped with 802.11 n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless modules. These previously could not be used in minicomputers. It definitely influenced the comfort of use and expanded the possibilities of using Raspberry. Users appreciated it! Today, these standards are used by practically everyone, not only by mobile device owners. At that time, they were already popular, but their introduction in Raspberry Pi may have caused a positive surprise. The size of the Raspberry Pi Zero card was also reduced. This is one of the greatest advantages of this model. We can use it to create a smart home system. It will be useful for temperature and humidity control. You can also use Raspberry Pi Zero as a tool to learn programming. It is also a perfect mobile multimedia centre. So there are many possibilities. The true Raspberry fans not only care about its inside but also about its outside appearance. In turn, the case is responsible for the appearance, which does not necessarily have to be in the original colours – red and white.

Appearance matters, or “outfit” for Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero card may be interesting for electronics enthusiasts, and they are keen on looking at it closely, but it is not visually attractive. It’s like a PC without a case; probably not everybody would want to have it in their room. The same is true with Raspberry Pi Zero, which needs a case. Our shop offers both original as well as original and surprising products. It’s up to you what your Raspberry will look like. Of course, the original design is a white case with a contrasting light red colour. The design is minimalist and straightforward, so it will attract fans of modernity and characteristic Raspberry Pi colours. However, if you want your minicomputer to look elegant, you can opt for stylish black. It’s versatile and well suited to modern technology. An interesting solution, e.g. for rustic style lovers, is a wooden case for the Raspberry Pi Zero. It was made of plywood, and there is a burnt-out raspberry on its front. We have not forgotten about those who like to look inside their Raspberry Pi Zero. We offer them transparent cases, also in intense colours, for example, green. We also recommend the case for the Raspberry Pi Zero minicomputer with JustBoom Amp Zero overlay.