Modules and kits Raspberry Pi is Zero

It is the size of a credit card, but many microcomputers could envy its performance and speed. Raspberry Pi Zero is one of the ideas created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The board measures 65x30x5 mm, so it is one of the smaller ones that the company offers. This is its significant asset; it has gained by eliminating the Ethernet and USB connections. However, this did not deprive the microcomputer of its usefulness and good technical parameters. Our shop offers many sets that will work both for amateur users and more demanding fans of advanced technology. There is a base set, i.e. a basic version with a case and power supply. There is no shortage of models with numerous accessories and additions that meet specific needs and have a specific purpose. Raspberry Pi Zero is also compatible with previous versions of Raspberry Pi, so we can run popular applications like Minecraft, Scratch and Sonic Pi on them.

A minicomputer with a powerful power

Raspberry Pi Zero works 40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1. Therefore, the improved system allows for more effective and efficient work. The single-board computer offers 512 MB LPDDR2 RAM. In addition, there is a microSD card slot, mini-HDMI and micro USB port, as well as a 40-pin GPIO connector, which could not be omitted in this model either. The classic version of Raspberry Pi Zero has no built-in WiFi module. However, it is worth to decide on a variant with WiFi due to the complicated installation of the additionally purchased module as an additional component. This is due to the lack of a USB port, which definitely complicates installation.

Raspberry Pi Zero is distinguished by its small size, which made it widely used as a multimedia player. For this purpose, it is necessary to use Kodi application. Raspberry Pi Zero can also be regarded as a computer for everyday use. It is also a great tool to learn GPIO programming. Furthermore, it is used to control room conditions such as air temperature and humidity. Its small size is suitable for use in lamps and radio receivers. So Raspberry Pi Zero is a small card that has great possibilities. Its small size is its advantage, as it is used in modern home automation, which is still developing and has great potential. The appearance of this product on the market caused great interest among Raspberry fans and slightly changed the perception of minicomputers.

Freedom to use Raspberry Pi Zero modules and sets

Our shop offers Raspberry Pi Zero modules and sets, which differ in content, a number of components and thus application. Raspberry Pi Zero hardware is very versatile, as well as allowing users to expand and thus adapt it to their individual needs. It guarantees inspiring journeys along the programming paths, as well as allows you to learn more about advanced technology and the processes involved with it.

We recommend Raspberry Pi Zero W Basic to those looking for simple devices. It is a set consisting of a minicomputer and a case and power supply, which was carefully selected for the device. Experienced electronics engineers can enjoy extended sets, which include WiFi and Bluetooth connections, as well as Grove Pi0, additional modules and sensors. We also offer interesting guides for beginners and those looking for inspiration, who want to improve their programming knowledge and Raspberry Pi capabilities. If you have any questions, or if you cannot decide on a particular set, or if you are looking for another product, we will be happy to help you. Contact us and take advantage of our advice and guidance.

Raspberry Pi Zero is a minicomputer that performs very well in electronic and high-tech environments. It is chosen by programmers, designers of building control systems and seekers of a good multimedia player.