Modules and kits Raspberry Pi is Zero

The category for electronics hobbyists who would like to have everything in one place. Ready-made kits and modules for the raspberries performed Zero. The most popular kit Raspberry Pi Basic Zero, in which we get minikomputer together with the body and chosen the appropriate power supply at an affordable price. More experienced electronics have at their disposal many other sets that you can customize for your needs. Check our Department, and in case of any questions – write to us, we can help.

The Raspberry Pi is Zero – little monster

Malinka in the performance of the Zero is almost twice the capacity in half the smaller size. As stated by the manufacturer, processor should be faster, from version B of 40 percent. Due to its reduced dimensions, this model is suitable as a multimedia player using Kodi as a regular computer for everyday use or learn programming GPIO. Category in our store modules and kits Raspberry Pi Zero is the place where you will find everything you need to start your adventure with the model of Zero as its development.

Ready-made kits and the ability to customize

The Raspberry Pi system and their equipment is notorious for giving its users a lot of freedom to use their technology. There are no closed systems hermetycznego anything from the company nadgryzionym Apple, or how the giant from Redmond. Modules and kits Raspberry Pi Zero given the opportunity to get a taste of programming and minicomputers, where we restrict only to imagination. Welcome to our store where you will find equipment for electronics from electronics.

High quality and satisfaction guarantee

Choosing electronics with the return address raspberry, we guarantee the quality and you can be sure that we get the refined and sophisticated equipment. Millions of customers around the world is only an additional argument for choosing this manufacturer. Huge online community-a huge number of directories and projects for fans of electronics, but if this maze can't find or do you have an innovative idea and you implement it, email us and we will gladly help you!