Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Raspberry Pi 3B+ is one of the most popular minicomputers jednopłytkowych on the market. The dedicated Raspbian operating system OS based on the Linux system, rich equipment and communication connections for external devices, support communities, to bring together other users of the system embedded, as well as ease of use is one of the many advantages of the model Pi 3B+. A number of such connectors as GPIO or HDMI, the Raspberry Pi was fitted with a classic USB 2.0 ports type A familiar with full-sized computers. To these ports you can connect accessories such as mouse, keyboard, USB-MIDI, for musical instruments, monitors and displays, and a variety of wireless modules. All these and similar accessories to get the store Botland. Your Raspberry Pi 3+ can be converted into a nondescript platform embedded in a full desktop computer to view web pages and edit text documents.