Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi 3B+

It all started in the UK, where Eben Upton and his fellow students at Cambridge University created a unique platform design to improve student skills. This was the first Raspberry Pi, a computer for programmers and those who spend their free time doing DIY. Its use has changed over time, and today it is used for many other purposes. This miniature computer has enormous possibilities, and its board includes RAM memory and efficient processor, as well as numerous peripherals and USB computer accessories. Today, Raspberry Pi is used for many very ambitious projects. It works well as teaching equipment, to develop your interests and hobbies, as well as equipment for professional programmers. Our shop offers a wide range of USB computer accessories for Raspberry Pi so that your Raspberry can do more! What do you need? A mouse, a keyboard, a WiFi card or maybe a sound card?

Basic but necessary computer accessories for Raspberry Pi

Computer accessories sometimes help you at work and are necessary to use the device, and sometimes make it easier and more accurate. Raspberry Pi has the same USB connectors as your PC. They make it possible to connect peripheral devices, such as a mouse or a keyboard. These two accessories are the inseparable set for working on Raspberry Pi. Both the keyboard and the mouse can be stationary, i.e. we connect them directly to the computer using USB. The accessories that connect to the equipment via Bluetooth and sometimes also via radio are an alternative. Our shop offers a wide range of computer accessories for Bluetooth, both wireless and wired, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Some of them are additionally equipped with highlighting, which gives them a unique character and impressive visual effects.

Upgrade your Raspberry Pi! Choose a sound card, WiFi card, USB hubs and other accessories!

Your Raspberry Pi changes depending on the selected computer accessories and allows you to use it more comprehensively. We offer a wide range of peripherals and accessories that will satisfy good sound lovers, fans of the latest web technologies and building automation specialists. If you care about good sound quality, opt for stereo speakers. Do you value discretion, or are your music preferences not accepted by other members of the household? So choose headphones that you can connect your Raspberry Pi using USB. You will also need a high-quality sound card, which will allow you to use the full potential of the speakers, from which clear and distinct sounds will flow. The offer includes a USB sound card based on the Virtual 7.1 system. It has all the necessary digital and analogue connectors. You can enjoy it for listening to music, but also use it for recording at 16-bit resolution.

Your Raspberry Pi is your virtual world of entertainment, where you are a person playing different roles? If you use your computer for this purpose, we have a large selection of controllers that emulate the Nintendo consoles. You also have an opportunity to upgrade your Raspberry Pi with dedicated Hat overlays. They are responsible for the possibility of connecting more USB devices. We have not forgotten about the most popular technology used in computer networks. You can buy a Raspberry Pi WiFi card from us to connect to the Internet wirelessly. You can be sure that it will be compatible with the Raspbian operating system. No additional drivers are required.

Check out what other USB computer accessories for Raspberry Pi we have prepared for you.