Camera for Raspberry Pi 3B+

Adding a camera module to the Raspberry Pi is very easy and can replace this minikomputer just a video surveillance system, and also enrich its function of reference wideoczatu. Simply connect the camera to the CSI connector on a Raspberry Pi, and when you turn on the computer, configure it in the operating system. To launch the camera in the Raspberry Pi is not required to install any additional drivers because the device is automatically detected by the operating system Raspbian OS. In the proposal we also have a wide choice of mounting accessories for camera, infrared sensors for shooting in the dark, the backlight of the screen and the lens. A high resolution lens and HD video recording at 1080p is a huge benefits that you can use, for example, the draft rail makrofotograficznej for recording of natural phenomena by the method of time-lapse photography. We invite you to familiarize with our offer modules anecdote to the Raspberry Pi and other useful accessories expansion.