Memory card for Raspberry Pi 3B+

The Raspberry Pi is jednopłytkowe computers started selling almost ten years ago. This platform does not have its own internal memory, so you need to purchase a micro-SD card. In most cases the Raspberry Pi you will also need a micro-SD card as the source from which the operating system is running. To achieve the best performance when working with the Raspberry Pi computer is very important to choose the right memory card that will work well with the device. In our online store Botland you will find a wide choice of memory cards designed for the Raspberry Pi. Our catalog includes memory cards with capacities from 8 GB to 32 GB, which have a read speed of 30 MB/sec to 100 MB/s and a write speed of 10 MB/sec to 15 MB/sec. The small size of the Raspberry Pi computer compared to a classic PC-angles it is only an appearance – this minikomputer able to perform many actions is the same as doing a full-fledged desktop computers and laptops. When you purchase Raspberry Pi 3B + together with the appropriate memory card, you will be able to support programs such as spreadsheets or text editors, as well as play video files in high resolution. It is also a great platform for learning programming. We invite you to see the memory cards for the Raspberry Pi 3B + that are available in our product range Botland.


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