Power supply for Raspberry Pi 3B+

All electronic devices can work only when connected to a power source with the appropriate parameters. To power the Raspberry Pi 3B+ single-board minicomputer, it is necessary to connect the power supply or battery if you intend to use this computer in portable applications, such as remote-controlled robots or wireless communication systems. Our offer includes original AC/DC power supplies, USB cables with micro USB type B and USB type C cables. In our store, you can also buy compatible replacements for power supplies with parameters compliant with the technical specification of Raspberry Pi 3B+. The Botland store offer also includes many interesting accessories and hardware extensions for minicomputers from the Raspberry Pi series. Available with us include heat sinks, dedicated enclosures, battery packs, memory cards, as well as Raspberry Pi HAT boards that enhance the basic abilities of Raspberry Pi 3+ minicomputer board. We offer also a comfortable keyboards, mouses and other useful computer accessories.

Powering the Raspberry Pi 3B+ - what parameters are most important to look for?

If you want to choose the right adapter for your Raspberry Pi 3B+ computer, you must first determine what purposes you want to use this computer for. Like other models of the Raspberry Pi series, you can use the Pi 3B+ model in two main ways - like a desktop computer for browsing the internet and editing documents, as well as a driver for various hardware devices. Using a power supply with the wrong parameters and design flaws may cause the computer not to turn on at all, but also may lead to its permanent damage. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to the energy demand of the Pi 4B board itself and the components that work with it and use its power supply. That’s why it is best to choose official power supplies for the Raspberry Pi 4B, which ensure high output voltage stability thanks to the flyback converter design and proper current efficiency. We also offer compatible power supplies from other manufacturers, that are made of high-quality parts and provide stable output parameters for the appropriate powering and operating conditions of the computer. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the most optimal parameters of the Raspberry Pi 3B+ power supply are 5,1V output voltage and a minimum current efficiency of 2,5A. Thanks to this, you will be able to use your Pi 3B+ both in the form of a desktop computer and a controller for real-world hardware devices, e.g. servo motor drivers and industrial processing control panels with switches and LCD display. What is worth to note, the power supply plug at one of the ends of the wire should be a USB C-type. If you already got a power supply for older Pi models, then you need to get the micro USB B-type to USB C-type converter. The power supplies we offer can also be used as chargers for cell phones and other mobile devices.

Raspberry Pi PoE HAT - Power over Ethernet - additional extension for powering your Pi 3B+

Designers from the Raspberry Pi Foundation have developed a hardware extension board called Raspberry Pi PoE HAT (PoE - Power over Ethernet). The main advantage and at the same time a characteristic feature resulting from the purpose of this module is a function that provides a parallel connection to the Internet via the Gigabit Ethernet port and supplying power to the Raspberry Pi 3B+. This is a very good solution, especially if you want to use this computer as a portable device. The PoE HAT module design ensures full compatibility with Raspberry Pi 3B + and Pi 4B computers. A specially integrated switching power supply with isolation transformer in the PoE HAT module enables voltage conversion from the Ethernet port from 36V - 56V to 5V, under the requirements for power supply for Raspberry Pi 3B + and Pi 4B minicomputers. Besides, the hob is equipped with an efficient fan and heat sink. After connecting the PoE HAT attachment, you no longer need to connect a separate wall-wart adapter.