Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus)

The Raspberry Pi single-board minicomputer series is constantly growing in popularity among many electronics and programming enthusiasts. This is not surprising, because each model in the Raspberry Pi series has great possibilities both as a computer for office work and internet browsing, as well as a driver for various hardware applications. In March 2018, Raspberry Pi Foundation launched the Pi 3B+ model, which is an improved version of the Pi 3B model. The hardware performance of this computer with the size of a credit card, with each successive generation, is heading towards the parameters of standard PCs. It is worth noting that we get such opportunities for at least a few times lower price. The Botland store offer includes Raspberry Pi main modules, starter kits, and a wide range of accessories. We especially recommend the Raspberry Pi HAT. These are hardware expansion modules with which you can convert your Raspberry Pi into a control panel with an LCD display or a small measuring station to monitor weather conditions.

Raspberry Pi 3B+ - changes that go in the right direction

The Raspberry Pi 3B + single-board minicomputer internal circuitry incorporates the same CPU processor as the predecessor (Pi 3B), a Broadcom BCM2837B0 SoC. The system was built based on quad-core architecture. An important improvement is an increase in clock frequency from 1,2GHz to 1,4GHz. The 512MB RAM memory co-works with the main processor. The designers also modified board design to prevent excessive heat dissipation. The built-in temperature measurement system optimizes the load of the main processor in such a way as to ensure the best working conditions for the other components of the computer. Changes that occurred in the Pi 3B+ design have not only increased computational efficiency but also reduced energy consumption. The wireless connection can be carried out using the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 module, as well as via Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi chip does supports the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac standard and can work as standard in the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands. Similar to older generations of Raspberry Pi, the Pi 3B+ model also has SPI, UART and I2C communication interfaces. This solution adds a lot of practical possibilities for interfacing with peripheral devices. An interesting improvement is also the option of powering the computer via Ethernet using an additional Raspberry Pi PoE HAT overlay. Connecting this hardware extension eliminates the need for power through an external AC / DC adapter.

Raspberry Pi 3B + - huge expansion possibilities with the use of interesting accessories and hardware add-ons

In addition to the single-board minicomputers from the Raspberry Pi series, our store's offer also includes interesting starter kits and dedicated accessories. The starter kits include such elements as solderless breadboards, jumper-wires, displays, LEDs, resistors, measuring sensors, potentiometers and many other useful elements. By this way, you can easily and quickly prototype electronic projects. Raspberry Pi 3B+ is also a great solution for all of the people who want to learn the ins and outs of computer operating principles and embedded programming. If you want to discover the full potential of Raspberry Pi, dedicated hardware extensions called Raspberry Pi HAT might be interesting for you. By using those boards, you can easily transform Raspberry Pi 3B+ into a controller of various physical processes. HAT overlays that are compatible with Raspberry Pi boards will allow you to build devices such as a retro-style gaming machine, remote-controlled robot, security system with monitoring, file server, as well as a controller of manufacturing processing in factories too. The possibilities of the Raspberry Pi 3B+ computer are in opposition to its dimensions - very wide! The Botland store offer also includes dedicated enclosures, power supplies and memory cards. If your Raspberry Pi 3B + works in an environment with elevated operating temperatures, then it is worth buying a heat sink. Radiators for Raspberry Pi are also available in the Botland store offer!