Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3B+

An inseparable step during the creating process of prototypes of electronic devices is testing them for the correct operation of all their components and functional features. After assembling the prototype of our robot or heating system controller, all we have to do is connect the power supply and check all functions of the device. However, it is also worth taking care of the aesthetic side and put all the elements of the internal circuits in a suitable enclosure, which will also protect the device against short circuits and mechanical damages. Such devices, in which you should take care of it, also include the Raspberry Pi 3B+ single-board computer, which you can use as a desktop computer as well as a control unit for physical hardware applications. In the Botland Store offer, you will find a wide selection of enclosures that contains all of the required mounting elements such as screws, brackets and fasteners. Cases sold by our store are available in various colours and shapes, accordingly to additional hardware which you would like to use with your Raspberry Pi 3B+.


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Products by page

Products by page

Enclosures for Raspberry Pi 3B+ - polished design at its finest details

If You want to protect your Raspberry Pi 3B+ against damage in a proper way, you have to select the proper enclosure type in case of the additional equipment with which your computer will be used. If You want to use your Raspberry Pi 3B+ as a computer for web browsing and office tasks, the best version of enclosure for this type of application is a closed design. This type of enclosure is also very good for stationary-type applications such as security alarm systems and the weather station. Officially dedicated enclosure for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ is a closed design. In Botland Store, it is available in white and red colours and as well as in the black colour. The enclosure is a computer-designed and made of durable ABS plastic. The set consists the rubber pads for the better stability on the surfaces. You can use your Raspberry Pi 3B+ also as a development platform for creating hardware-based electronics projects. In this case, the better choice is an opened-design enclosure that provides easy access to GPIO pins for Raspberry Pi HAT extension boards.

Enclosures compatibility with other Raspberry Pi boards

Before choosing the enclosure in which you want to install your Raspberry Pi 3B+ minicomputer, you need to check whether it is compatible with the geometrical dimensions of the PCB and if all holes have been profiled in accordance with the connector layout on the Pi 3B+. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ board has an interface layout compatible with models from the 1B, 2B and 3B series. However, you can't use Pi 3B+ enclosures for the newer Pi 4B computer model, although both models have identical PCB dimensions. All the enclosures we offer for minicomputers from the Raspberry Pi series have been computer designed with the highest accuracy. The physical housing design is created using very precise 3D printers and numerically controlled cutting machines. the top features of Raspberry Pi single-board computer enclosures are beautiful and modern design and very high quality of used materials, which effectively protect your computer's electronics against mechanical and electrical damage.

New enclosures equipped with an additional cooling system

The offer of enclosures for single-board computers of Raspberry Pi series includes enclosures made of ABS plastic, but also metal enclosures and enclosures additionally equipped with electric fans and heat sinks for the better heat dissipation process management. Such housing designs can be particularly useful for your Pi 3B+ if you intend to use it in embedded devices whose working environment has a significantly elevated temperature, e.g. in a greenhouse. We also offer enclosures in the VESA standard, with which you can mount the Raspberry Pi 3B+ on the wall or other large enough areas. Each enclosure contains all necessary mounting elements such as screws and brackets. Those enclosures are available in different colours and can be used in various amateur and professional applications.