Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3B+

Raspberry brand minikomputera that its size does not exceed the size of a standard credit card. In this phenomenal form is the power, which is enough for desktop. This is absolutely a revolutionary solution for those who like electronics and gadgets that are technical. Along with the development of the brand, there were new and new models as described in this category Raspberry Pi 3B+. Our shop has a range of wide range of elements, such as housings for Raspberry Pi 3B+ or power supplies are necessary for the proper and aesthetic of this computer.


Case - module:
Case - Flap
Case - VESA
Case - Access to GPIO
Case - Camera space:
Case - For DIN rail
Case - Screen space:
Case - Fan

Products by page

Products by page

Advantages Raspberry

First of all, for people who just begin their adventure with electronics and programming, practice on the Raspberry would be incredibly useful, and it will be a kind of baptism of fire. However, seasoned and experienced programmers working with this computer, it will be pure fun. Compared with the predecessors Raspberry Pi 3B+ has a much faster processor, the opportunity to use wi-fi on 5 GHz as well as faster Ethernet is PoE. In addition, more structural changes and a significant correction in the processor built into the radiator. Because of this, facilitates the removal of heat. Moreover, the current case does not exclude the possibility of gluing of heat sinks that were used in previous versions of Raspberry Pi. It is important here also and elements that affect all work of this computer, such as housing for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ that you can only find in our store in this category.

Different housings for the Raspberry Pi 3B+

Shop Botland can find the device and accessories of the highest quality. We depend on the satisfaction of our customers, so we offer only proven and best solutions that are also affordable. In this category everyone will find something for yourself from the usual case for Raspberry Pi 3B+ after case that have additional functions. For example, here you will find the white-red case, which further has the functions of configuration elements, and in addition, in the kit you will receive non-slip feet. On the other hand, you can buy conventional, transparent or black cover that corresponds to the specified site models of Raspberry Pi. We also have enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3B+ who have access to the GPIO connector and the camera and housing, which have tabs that allow you to combine multiple panels together. Here you will find also superior wooden Cabinet, with the logo of the raspberries on top and with the logo of our store Botland on the side wall. And it for little money. Come to us and choose for yourself, because there are plenty to choose from.