Coolseer - automatics for home

The Coolseer company deals in the design, production and distribution of home automation devices and accessories for creating IoT elements. One of the most popular Coolseer products are intelligent building automation devices with a built-in voice control function - just like Google Home, Amazon Alexa or AI-speaker products. Coolseer products support Wi-Fi and ZigBee communication protocols. To support these devices, Coolseer engineers have developed a dedicated mobile application called Smartlife. Coolseer automation devices can work independently of each other and also work together in large mesh networks. In addition, the Smartlife application can be operated in several different languages. The Botland store offers a wide range of building automation modules manufactured by Coolseer. These modules are characterized by high quality, easy operation and very wide possibilities of use. For this reason, Coolseer products are often chosen by many users. In this category, you will find, among other products such as sensor devices, lighting controls as well as wall-mounted switches.

Products by page

Products by page

Coolseer home automation devices - numerous benefits

Compared to many other products available on the market, Coolseer are a very affordable priced home automation devices, but this is not the only advantage. The design of the Coolseer modules together with the factory software ensures compatibility with most other building automation devices. This also applies to devices using the ZigBee communication protocol, which operates in the 900MHz frequency band, as opposed to Wi-Fi operating in the dual-band 2.4GHz / 5.0 GHz band. Coolseer modules are compatible with HomeKit and Smartlife devices and can work with voice control devices, e.g. Google Home. The Coolseer product range includes numerous heating, air conditioning, lighting control devices as well as accessories for building security systems - e.g. alarms, motion sensors, fire detectors, image monitoring systems and smart door locks. We also offer intelligent 230VAC electric power socket controlled by Wi-Fi, power strips as well as remote controllers.

Coolseer - simplicity and functionality at a high level

Coolseer is one of the pioneers in the field of home automation devices. The most important achievements of Coolseer include modern solutions in the field of building security systems, optimization of electricity consumption, as well as intelligent lighting control. Coolseer products have a positive effect on increasing the comfort of home use and significantly reducing the cost of building maintenance. By using the Smartlife application in combination with voice assistants, you can easily implement advanced lighting control (colour and intensity), as well as controlling multimedia devices, e.g. for playing movies and music. By using 230VAC smart electrical sockets, you can control the activation of heating and lighting from the application on your smartphone - also outside the home, anywhere in the World! However, by using intelligent light switches, you can load light scene presets according to the time of the day!