Clementoni educational robots

Brand Clementoni existed for more than 55 years – at that time, her products became known in many countries of the world. Created by Italian manufacturer of educational toys is to provide children with comprehensive development, including to help in the training of logical thinking, stimulate imagination and creativity. Not surprisingly, the range of products for modern young men could not be enough examples of the rapidly developing fields of electronics and robotics. Hence the idea for a collection of models and robots educational Clementoni, which you will find in our offer.

Simply about complex topics

Models, running, walking and flying is a complex of structures, which in their activities use complex physical phenomena. However, if their construction will lead to a limited number of simple elements – as in the educational toy Clementoni – a whole set of enriched is available, the user, the operating principle will be understandable even for kilkulatków. The idea of science is here how to reverse: the children first observed in the practical operation of the built design you Clementoni, and only on that basis, deeply the working principles of the device. No boring, hard theoretical assumptions for making robots or vehicles, making young designers involved in the fun, and knowledge is acquired as if by accident, mostly in sets, richly illustrated, colorful booklets.

Toys flying and running

Educational toy Clementoni special place is occupied by sets from the Laboratory of Mechanics. Each product consists of several hundred (200) elements, allowing to build various designs of a specific thematic area. We have here therefore, as parts for manufacturing trucks, farm equipment or heavy construction machinery, and aircraft and helicopters. Selection of the brake makes that young users can collect several different vehicles in one set, and models are all higher level qualifications. There are also universal kits, such as Clementoni 60595 – to experiment with several totally different designs, for example, dźwigami, helicopters, and electric cars. Playing with them, children learn the principle of operation of gear wheels, gears, levers and other basic mechanical solutions.

Cute robots

Italian toys will satisfy most young fans of robotics. Will allow they to build their own intellectual structures. Robot Designer Celementoni Mind – controlled by voice or buttons on the body – introduces kids to the world of programming, and at the same time teaches the basics of geometry. In turn, the Cyber-Robot allows you to discover the joy of remote control device using Bluetooth and a mobile app for smartphones. More demanding users we recommend sets Evolution Robot Clementoni (remote controlled, comes with the possibility of voice and moving hands), and the Laboratory of Robotics RoboMaker PRO, the most advanced set of robots in Clementoni offer, contain numerous sensors, motors and loudspeakers.