The laser head

3D printing allows you to create almost any object you want. Most commercial 3D printers are structurally advanced devices. Those are usually expensive and very difficult to use. The designers decided to solve this problem by creating a modular 3D printer in a self-assembly kit. By creating any three-dimensional objects with the help of special software, you can easily transform a digital file into a real, solid physical object. However, the 3D printer can be used not only for printing 3D objects but also as a tool for precise machining of materials, just like industrial numerically controlled machine tools (CNC). In addition to machining and milling, another popular method of machining in materials is an engraving. To make the 3D printer able to perform the engraving process, it is necessary to mount the appropriate adapter to the printer. The laser heads offered at our store are easy to use and will allow you to engrave wood, leather, and plastic.

The laser head attachments for 3D printers

The laser heads available in the are characterized by a wide variety of working parameters. Thanks to this, you can choose the laser head according to the range of applications and the number of your products in a single manufacturing series. The laser engraving attachments were designed in every single detail so that you can get the best results. Precise head guidance, anti-vibration system, excellent laser cooling conditions, and protection against mechanical damage, allow long-term and trouble-free operation of the laser head. The laser heads are controlled using digital signals compatible with TLL logical levels, as well as through analog signals. Devices that we offer require 12V or 24V power supply, depending on the model. Thanks to this, you can use a power supply that is suitable for your 3D Printers or CNC machine. The laser heads offered at our store are very easy to use, also for beginners.

3D printer with a laser engraver module - things to consider

The electromechanical parts used in the design of the 3D printers ensure highly precise machine operation not only during the printing process but also when engraving various materials. The laser heads for 3D printers available at the Botland store will surely meet your expectations, even for demanding applications. First of all, when using a 3D printer for laser engraving, you must ensure safety. The laser beam emitted by the laser head can be very dangerous if the device is used incorrectly. If the laser is set at the wrong angle, it may damage your eyes - this can lead to permanent sight loss. Therefore, ensuring proper eye protection requires the use of tinted safety glasses. Protective glasses should be selected according to the wavelength of the laser beam. When choosing a module for your application, pay attention to the laser power. The minimum power of the laser head for universal applications should be not less than 0.5W. With such power, you will be able to efficiently engrave in materials such as wood, paper, plastic, leather, and also cardboard. Depending on the material you intend to subject to the engraving process, it is also recommended to ensure good ventilation of the room and air purity (the Botland store also offers efficient air purifiers equipped with a HEPA filter). This is important because a large amount of heat, smoke, and dust are emitted during laser burning, which can be harmful to your eyes and lungs. For this reason, the use of an additional fume extractor will also be a useful addition to the laser engraving process. The laser head module must also be compatible with the TLL digital signal control standard. To minimize the risk of malfunctioning, it is best to connect a separate power supply for the laser head and the 3D printer. Most lasers require a 12V or 24V power supply, and the wavelength of the laser beam has a length of about 405nm, which is equivalent to a blue or blue morphing purple color.