The laser head

The laser head is a small device, featuring a compact size and high power, which can engrave even the most complex schemes on different surfaces such as leather, wood, textiles, plastics and textures. In addition, can be used for labeling, in particular, titanium and stainless steel. Moreover, the heads have simple and intuitive controls, so can be used even by people with little experience.

Laser head - basic information

In Botland store you'll find the head, characterized by different technical parameters, therefore the choice of a specific model depending on your needs not a problem. We offer the device with a supply voltage of 12 to 24 V, the laser heads can work with most power supplies of CNC machines, as well as the increasingly popular 3D printers. In our assortment you will find models, characterized by high resistance to vibrations and oscillations, so the engraver more accurate. In addition, protection from mechanical damage, such as blows metal shavings metal, ensuring long equipment life even with intensive use. The described device can be controlled with PWM, TTL or analog. Low power consumption ensures cost operation and a wide operating temperature range makes it so that the head available in our store are reliable performance in almost any conditions.

Additional functionality

In our assortment you will find models with different range of focal length and the spot size of the focused beam. In addition, we offer instances, low noise, and thereby it can be used in almost any room. In the category " laser heads, you will also find kits for grawerunku and painting, laser, designed for use with robots such uArm Swift Pro. Extremely user-friendly interface ensures quick and efficient operation regardless of operator experience.